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 What to expect

We take pride in being an employee centric organization. Through Evolve we aim to bring world class programs, faculty, and knowledge to all our employees aspiring to become world class leaders.

First in the series of Evolve is program “Good to Great” a concept mastered and introduced by Jim Collins. This is considered as one of the top 3 management concepts on how some organizations grow from being merely good to genuinely great, defining great as “capable of making a significant difference and achieving sustainability.

Awaken your personal leadership strengths and create a trustworthy environment for others.

Enhance culture and create a great workplace.

The ‘What’ is easy,
Master the ‘How’

About the Speaker

Raghav Hunasgi

The first series will be delivered by our very own CMO, Raghavendra Hunasgi. A Global Marketing and Branding expert helping Fortune 500 companies unleash the power of insight-driven marketing.

A globally-renowned entrepreneur, author, speaker, and a 21st-century leader and influencer whose words and work in the field of marketing and branding are helping organizations leapfrog to the next level.

Raghav has advised three presidents and two prime ministers, Forbes listed him as top social media influencer, the United Nations inducted him as a digital evangelist, the Harvard Business School alumni – named Digital Transformation Guru and India’s leading media house Economic Times top 100 business thinkers of India.

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