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Life @ Evolutyz

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Why work with us?

Be it as a fresher or as an experienced consultant, Evolutyz offers you the kind of learning opportunities and professional satisfaction that enriches your professional career and growth. Our employee-centered work culture prioritizes employee’s well-being and rewards performance indiscriminately. We believe in healthy employer-employee relationships to make the world a better place by offering top-notch IT services.


Employees at Evolutyz get to enjoy a wide range of benefits. From judicious paid leaves to maternity leaves to employee savings plans and medical benefits, we take care of the personal well-being of the employees so that they can give their best.  Some of our unique benefits include:

Health Benefits

We want you to have a healthy and happy work life. Because a healthy mind in a healthy body gives you more possibilities to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Health Benefits

Partnered with United Healthcare to provide Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

Health discount card for deeper savings

Save on your medical costs. Amidst the chaos of everyday life, Leave those expenses to us!

Insurance Benefits

We provide insurance policy benefits with affordable coverage for unexpected health expenses.

$3000 accidental death plan at no cost to employees

We are with you, in life, in eternity.

Supplemental Benefits

Partnership with Liberty National to provide Life Insurance that can help manage Critical Illness and healthcare costs.

Socialize with your buddies!

Evolutyz values the social life of its family of employees. Our employees get to enjoy Quarterly team outings, Monthly happy hours, Birthday and work anniversary celebrations, Paid time-off for Community Services and Voluntary Work, 8 Federal holidays, Holiday gifts.

8 Federal Holidays

Time to salute the nation and our culture!

Holiday Gifts

“Gift giving is the expression of human love”

Quarterly Team Outings

Don’t burn yourself out! Hang out with your buddies at Evolutyz!

Monthly Happy Hour

Let loose and spoil yourself!

Birthday and Work Anniversary Celebrations

When you blow one candle more, we are there by your side.

Paid Time-off

Paid time-off for Community Services and Voluntary Work

Chill out, work out!

Don’t just slouch in front of the computer all day! Utilize our Onsite gym, Onsite massage and Wellness program to get fitter, stronger and healthier.

Onsite Gym

Don’t just slouch in front of the computer. Stretch yourself!

Onsite Massage

Relieve the stress from your muscles

Wellness Program

Gym fees reimbursement, fitness trackers

Financial Perks

We care for you even when you are outside the workplace. We’ve got a comprehensive list of benefits to treat our employees with a wide-range of sweet perks.

Financial Benefits

Enjoy our impressive perks that include Financial Planning Services, Tuition Reimbursement, 401K (Partnership with Human Interest)

Complimentary Financial and Legal Consultation

Peace of mind guaranteed when you leave the complicated advisory to us.

Short Term Interest Free Loans

Be relieved of the trouble of calculating interests and budgets.

Additional Benefits

We also have abundant benefits and extras for our employees.

Training and Certification Credits

We appreciate and recognize the work you do with us with authenticated recognition and certification.

Corporate Concierge

Our corporate concierge includes Corporate Travel Services, Catering, Chauffeur, Sedan/ Limousine Services, Conference Registration, Conference or Corporate Meeting, Event Planning, Hotel Arrangements, Messenger & Courier Services, Relocation Services and Personal Services.

Onboarding Welcome Kit

As you begin your journey with us, we mark the occasion with a bunch of utilities as our welcome song to you!

Continuous learning

We certify internships and projects you do with us which are well recognized and are of great value to your future, be it higher studies or a job at another company. Work experience at Evolutyz is of great value to the holistic development of technical and non-tech resources. We offer challenging and diverse work that will allow you to explore yourself and realize your potential. Based on your performance, our well known senior consultants and researchers help you become industry thought leaders.


Diversity is part of our core value systems. At Evolutyz we promote diverse teams across gender, disability, ethnicity, age and lifestyle. With a presence across 4 continents and among employees speaking over 20+ different languages – We are a melting pot of diverse cultures. We celebrate the uniqueness of every individual and the spirit of unity in diversity in all our global offices.

Women @ Evolutyz

Our founding team believes in the change a female leader can bring to a company, a society and a nation at large. Women are underrepresented in leadership roles, be it in private organizations or government bodies. It is our firm belief that tackling the challenges of the 21st century needs the leadership of women with their unique perspectives in problem-solving.