Apps for recruiters to find potential candidates

by Evolutyz Corp on January 19, 2015 in Generic


In our last post we talked about apps for jobseekers to find jobs. In today’s post we will discuss about apps for recruiters to find potential candidates, which will help in effective hiring.

Apps For Recruiters To Find Potential Candidates-

The Hire Syndicate

The Hire syndicate is exclusively designed for recruiters with split recruiting.  This free app is very easy to run and through the app’s inbuilt interface you can also team up with members of your existing network to recruit the candidate more conveniently. This app simplifies and systematizes the process to make it accessible on mobile devices. Hire syndicate works more efficiently if you have a strong professional network and when you download the app, then do not forget to connect biggest players in your networks on-board.


Evernote is a note taking app saves note that you publish, i.e. you can create a notebook for job application, including contact information, phone number and email address. Evernote partnered with Linkedin in early 2014. With the help of this app you can exchange your e-business card and when someone hands you the same all you need is to open the app and click the photo of a card Evernote automatically reads all information and saves contact details in your address book.


HireVue does a great job in a virtual interview, though it is not same as Skype, but yes, it is even better than Skype and the most fabulous thing about this app is that it broadens interviewing scope by connecting you to the right candidate. This app saves your time and helps you to shortlist an ideal candidate for the company. Through HireVue you can create questions and send to candidates. Applicants go through them and create their answers through video.  You can see their video answers and share with interested employers.


InstaJob is an absolutely innovative and creative as well as unique app for employers and recruiters to advertise job visually. It gives a wonderful platform for employers to showcase their office, company culture, team via photos and share them with job seekers across every social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus.  InstaJob  helps employers to build their company’s brand and engage job seekers.

Social LookUp

Social LookUp is a TalentBin app which helps employers to do the background check of a candidate deeply and more conveniently. Once you have the information of a candidate Social LookUp will gather all the information from every social media channel where a candidate is connected. While other social media sites have a limited approach they provide you just basic information about a candidate. Social LookUp displays the details in a broader and prominent way.

So these are the top five apps for recruiters to find potential candidates, which play major role in hiring process. If you have any query or you want to share your feedback with us then feel free to contact us at