DevOps unlocks your organization’s potential.


Faster builds, reliable testing, frequent releases – DevOps mitigates inefficiencies to optimize your development process from start to finish.


Working across departments, the right DevOps solution providers streamline all stages of development so you can stop stressing about roll outs and start seeing results.

If you’re looking for a dedicated team to build a DevOps solution from scratch or are searching for an engineer to join your existing team, Evolutyz has the technical talent you need. Let us know how we can help below!


    An infinite development loop for continuous evolution.

    Continuous Integration

    Our engineers will develop a seamless solution for automating code changes across teams to one universal project. Using high-powered tools, a version control system, and comprehensive code tests, we’ll identify any potential hiccups before they’re deployed.

    Continuous Delivery

    Gone are the days of manually deploying system updates. With our CD approach, we’ll make it simple and safe for you to release your code to testing and live environments at the push of a button. Goodbye wasted time. Hello results.

    Continuous Testing

    Accurate testing is the crux of any code deployment. We’ll build a secure testing environment that will provide your teams with continuous feedback to ensure your software will only get better with each update.

    Continuous Monitoring

    To further ensure optimal performance of your programs, we will implement processes and technology that will monitor every phase of the DevOps lifecycle for any inefficiencies or bugs.

    Our Development Process

    Streamlined framework for big outcomes.



    No cookie-cutter solutions here – we’ll design a custom product that integrates a number of capabilities to meet your needs.


    • We’ll start by taking a deep dive into your current technology, processes, assets, and organizational structure.
    • Once we understand where you’re at and where you want to be, we’ll take a consultative approach to design a solution that perfectly fits your organization. This stage is where we’ll define KPIs that will signal project success.
    • After a solution is designed, a dedicated project manager will work with your team to map out a project roadmap and key milestones.



    Our engineers get right to work to deliver your solution quickly and efficiently. The job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied.


    • Following a CI/CD method, all updates will be thoroughly tested throughout all stages of the development process to identify any potential misconfigurations and other variables.
    • We’ll use a variety of high-powered in-house tools to make the development process as efficient as possible. These tools enable our team to work quickly to deliver the highest quality product.
    • Throughout the entire implementation process, seasoned engineers and members of our leadership team will be on hand to provide on-call support.



    After product completion, we’ll work with your team to implement operational best practices and methods for measuring ROI.


    • When your solution is ready to be deployed, we’ll work with immediacy to identify and work through any final bottlenecks and bugs.
    • After everything is up and running smoothly, we’ll be on hand to provide continuous support.

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