IT Talent Services

IT talent ready to make an impact


Consultant staffing services


Innovative IT projects call for expert engineers who are passionate about what they do. At Evolutyz, that’s what we’re all about. Whether your organization needs one engineer or an entire team to work their magic on your projects – our consultants are ready to get to work for you.


Direct hire recruitment support


Finding and attracting top tech talent in today’s market takes time that your team just doesn’t have – so leave it to us. We have more than 20 seasoned recruiters ready to find top technical talent for your open roles. We work fast and smart to find the ideal candidate.

A partnership where innovation thrives

Expertly-vetted talent


There’s so much more to candidates than their resumes. Our comprehensive technical screening processes are conducted by senior engineers who take an individualized approach to deliver candidates with the exact skills you need and a great culture fit.

Efficient processes


Your organization doesn’t have time to wade through a long recruitment processes. You want the talent you need, right when you need it. With our large recruiting team, high-powered hiring tools, and network of top talent, you won’t have to wait around.

Top-notch engagement and retention


Top candidates have high expectations – we know how to deliver. Our employee experience was designed to attract and retain the best of the best.

High-touch partnerships


You need more than passionate technologists – you need an IT staffing solutions partner that “gets it”– one that understands what makes your business unique. Our high-touch consultative partnerships are custom-built to fit just right.

The Evolutyz Recruiting Process

Learning Your Business

Great staffing partners work to understand you. That’s why our team puts in the effort up front to comprehend your goals, culture, and requirements as well as you do.

Sourcing the Best Talent

Using our nationwide network, we connect with and evaluate a wide range of candidates by leveraging our in-depth knowledge of your business to narrow down top contenders.

Screening Top Performers

We want our submittals to be just right. Our engineers conduct technical screening to verify IT skillsets, and our recruiters verify that a candidate’s work ethic and personality align with your company.

Preparing You for Interviews

Our team coordinates every step in the interview process, scheduling the date and time while preparing both candidates and stakeholders to maximize the interaction.

Coordinating the Offer

Once you’ve decided on a candidate, we handle the rest. Our recruiters, having worked to reassure the candidate throughout the process, swiftly present your offer and determine the right start date.

Maintaining the Partnership

Our relationship doesn’t stop after the placement is made. The Evolutyz team acts as a resource for your stakeholders and candidates, working hard to provide any further assistance we can.


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