QA and Testing

Hold your operations and business to higher standards.


Your software or app doesn’t often have the luxury of a second chance. If end users encounter a buggy experience, they’ll abandon it without hesitation.


For that reason, your testing practices are make or break. Only the right manual and automated testing solutions will deliver an experience your users can embrace.

If you’re ready to release superior apps that users love, Evolutyz can connect you with QA and testing experts. You focus on developing your vision – we’ll make sure it’s perfect. Let us know how we can help you deliver bug free software!


    Quality and usability from your next app.

    Managed Testing Services:

    Your need for new and improved software and systems doesn’t take a break – why should your testing services? Our team observes a process-driven methodology throughout the entire testing life cycle, delivering cost-effective results, no matter the complexity or scope of each project.

    Test Automation Consulting

    Spare your business the time and effort necessary for precision testing. We can help you automate the repetitive or complex testing processes necessary to verify your UI and functionality. Our approach includes code-driven, GUI, and API-driven testing strategies to validate results and behaviors without manual micromanagement.

     Functional Testing:

    Is your development team hitting the mark? Our functional testing services validate whether their coding accomplishes all of your desired specifications. This type of black box testing validates software and systems within your deadlines and desired depth ranging smoke testing and sanity testing to regression testing and usability testing.

    Mobile Application Testing:

    Mobile users expect the exceptional from the apps they use. Your mobile application testing services need to verify the functionality, usability and consistency of the entire experience. Using automated and manual testing techniques, our expert testers validate that your app is ready to satisfy the high expectations of real-world users.

    Performance Testing:

    Catch and eliminate functional bottlenecks before they alienate your users. Our performance testing services confirm that the responsiveness, stability, and maximum user load of your software and systems, elevating your projects to a point of peak performance.

    Web Application Testing:

    Make your web launch flawless. Our web application testing secures a high-quality user experience from the start by verifying the compatibility of your product with numerous browsers, operating systems, and related applications. Plus, we’ll keep your business and your users safe by implementing web security best practices.


    With our QA/Testing support, you’ll see….

    Our QA and Testing Processes

    Proven framework for reliable outcomes.



    We leave nothing up to chance – only with thorough preparation can we design QA and testing deliverables that elevate the quality of your apps or systems.


    • Deep analysis of your goals, processes, technologies, schedules, and culture allows us to join ongoing projects and make tangible contributions.
    • Once we’ve learned about your business, we design a tailor-made manual and automated testing solutions plan, outlining the right deliverables to optimize development and meet your business needs.
    • Create test cases and test scripts that follow industry best practices, suit your situation, and save time and effort down the road.



    Effective QA and testing leave no stone unturned. Our team has the tools and process-driven methodology to conduct tests within deadlines and budgets.


    • Using a pool of shared resources, Evolutyz provides you with top testing experts across disciplines – at a fraction of direct hire costs.
    • Exhaustive testing requires the proper conditions. Our team has enhanced our testing environment to execute test cases efficiently and identify more bugs and bottlenecks.
    • Did quality assurance find all of the bugs? Our test managers analyze and review all of the bugs throughout the process, conducting reports to keep stakeholders informed of our progress.

    Conclusion & Next Steps


    Testing is an ongoing and evolving process. What we do at the closure of a project determines how we can better serve you now and in the future.


    • There are always new challenges on the horizon. With our rich pool of IT professionals, we can inform your team of the next steps you need to take to maximize the performance of your systems or apps, following the moving target of quality.
    • Testing processes should always be improving. The Evolutyz team takes the time to evaluate our wins and opportunities to create QA and automated testing solutions that evolve with the market.

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