Does your Resume stand out?

by Evolutyz Corp on January 13, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Resume is a very effective and an important tool which tells your prospective interviewer about your qualification, work experience, skills and so on.

Length of your Resume

If you are a fresher then do not exceed your resume more than one page. If you are an experienced job seeker or you have worked in more than one company then your resume can be up to two pages .Keep your Resume short.

Make your name stand out

Your name must be highlighted on the top of the page with bold letters and also make sure the contact information, e-mail address and phone number that you have mentioned in CV are updated.

Headings in your Curriculum Vitae

When it comes to organizing your cv there are a lot of headings you can use like Work experience, Education, Job Goals, Accomplishments etc.

Use readable fonts

CV writing is an art but don’t make it artistic by using fonts like Lucida calligraphy, Monotype cursive etc. your Resume must be written in readable fonts i.e. Arial Black or Times New Roman.


Before you send your Curriculum Vitae to the prospective employer, make sure there are no spelling mistakes.

To the point

Your resume should not be written in a paragraph, the content of the resume must be highlighted in bullet points, always use simple, correct and action words.


Always put the information relevant to the job you are applying for.

Add other skills

Every individual has unique skills and abilities, which an employer needs .So don’t forget to mention them in your resume.

Resume writing is one of the most challenging tasks; your resume is the first step which gets you through the screening process. So try to write your resume effective and flawless.