How did we build an employee-centric company?

by Raghav Hunasgi on September 2, 2022 in Generic


People are happiest when they’re able to find balance in their lives. That’s why employee well-being has become an important topic for companies looking to retain their best workers, encourage loyalty, and reduce turnover. An employee’s well-being is directly related to their job performance, general satisfaction with life, and willingness to stay with a company long term. Great employees make great companies, so it’s crucial that you take steps towards making your workplace a place where your team members are comfortable and happy.

As a CMO one of the key charters today is to build the core DNA of the company around employee well-being. A challenge that most of my peer CMO’s face is to build a truly employee centric company. Right from the inception the founding team at Evolutyz always believed happier employees make a happy company. The benefits and perks we offer right from early 2010 have been tailor made for the employees to be happier and joyful. When we look back at our journey, I feel we have made a significant dent in creating a happier ecosystem. Here is a write-up about our journey of building a employee first company, I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we loved penning it down.

What Is Employee Well-being?

Employee well-being is a term that refers to the state of health and happiness among employees. It also refers to the work environment and support systems that lead to those results. Employee well-being is about how people feel at work, how they feel about their job, and how satisfied they are with their career path. Employee well-being also includes the amount of effort a person puts into their work. It’s not just about how healthy and disease-free employees are; it’s also about how happy, satisfied, and motivated they feel about their work. Happy and healthy employees are more likely to stay committed to their work and put more effort into it.

Why Is Employee Well-Being Important?

Employee well-being is responsible for many positive outcomes in the workplace, such as increased productivity, reduced turnover, and increased customer satisfaction. By giving your employees the tools they need to stay happy and healthy, you’ll see an improvement in almost every department. Employee well-being will also lead to improved retention rates. Retaining employees is important for all kinds of businesses, but it’s especially critical for companies in the growing fields of deep tech and hi-tech. By focusing on employee well-being, you’ll be able to keep the best workers and hire the best workers.

How to Promote Employee Well-Being?

· Communication – One of the best ways to promote employee well-being is to create an open and honest environment that encourages communication. We at Evolutyz use about 6 communication channels to empower our employees to voice their opinions and suggestions.

· Flexible Scheduling – Another key to promoting employee well-being is to allow employees to set their own schedules. The reason we have been able to score 10 on 10 across all our CSAT surveys YOY is for this very reason. While Suma from our QA team works from 2 in the noon to 9 at night to manage her growing up children, Sai Dheeraj Paturi is a night owl and enjoys working in customer time zone. At Evolutyz we never restrict the time schedule of an employee. Our customers enjoy the picturesque outcomes delivered by our employees.

· Health and Wellness Benefits – A company’s health and wellness benefits are often a major factor in employee retention. Be it Gym reimbursement to all employees or hiring a celebrity fitness trainer to train our employees 4 days a week, we have it all.

· Training and Development – By providing on-going training and development opportunities, you can show your employees that you see their potential to grow and succeed in their careers. In the past year we had 67% of our employees upskill and earn at least one new certificate with the help of 100% company reimbursement policy.

Company Wellness Programs

Company wellness programs are a great way to promote employee well-being. They’re also easy to implement once you know what steps to take. You just need to follow these simple guidelines.

· Create a comprehensive plan – You can’t create a company wellness program unless you have a well-thought-out plan.

· Bring everyone together – No company is an island, so make sure you involve everyone in the program you’re trying to create.

· Track your progress – Keep an eye on your progress and use the information to make improvements.

· Create a culture of wellness – Make wellness a cultural norm, not something that you’re forcing on people.

Employee well-being is a critical aspect of any business, no matter what industry you’re in. By focusing on the health and happiness of your employees, you’ll be able to increase profits and decrease costs. You’ll also be able to retain the best employees and hire the best new talent. If you want your company to succeed and thrive, you need to take the health and happiness of your employees seriously. For an organization of our size we have about 6 employee engagement personals, this only goes to show at Evolutyz employee well-being is of paramount importance.

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