ODC : Beyond Costs and Numbers

by Evolutyz Corp on December 20, 2022 in offshoring


Though the concept of offshoring software development projects is not new, w21, a global pandemic, has impacted the demand for ODC. Increased market volatility and the economic downturn have forced businesses to implement severe budget cuts and rethink their business models to build resilient and flexible business models. With remote working becoming the new normal, offices are no longer viewed as physical locations but as digital spaces to produce high-quality results.

Today, businesses are actively looking to outsource their software projects to Offshore Development Centers so that their in-house resources can focus solely on core business activities. Statista predicts that the global IT outsourcing market will be worth $425.19 billion by 2026.


How to Maintain an ODC?

Treat your in-house and offshore teams the same:

Because both are equally important to the company’s overall success, the offshore team must be treated rather than as a separate, supporting team. Include them in decision-making and maintain a harmonious relationship between your in-house and offshore teams, which will translate into workplace camaraderie and productivity.

Get the Big Picture Out There:

An ODC is a remote member of your team as well. Every member of an ODC team must be aware of the big picture and act accordingly, ensuring that both in-house and offshore teams are working toward the same goal.

Ensure Effective Communication:

Keep your instructions brief and to the point. Your offshore team may come from a completely different cultural background than you. They may even struggle to communicate in English. In these situations, get right to the point and make sure they understand.

To better demonstrate your ideas, use practical communication tools. A screenshot or short video sent to your offshore team can be more beneficial than hours of poring over instruction documents. To keep track of work progress, hold meetings and video conferences.


Benefits of Offshore Development Centre:

Specialized Skills

Tech demand is critical to a country’s digital economy. A country that prefers certain technologies is likely to have a more excellent supply of resources specializing in those technologies and vice versa. As a result, there is an imbalance in the distribution of resources worldwide. Offshore development centers help balance the market by providing technology specialists that are not always available or limited in your home country.

Backup Technology

Enterprises hire specialists and skilled resources to create quality solutions when developing a software product. The loss of such a resource could hurt the timeline and quality of the solution.

Hiring an offshore development center would help to avoid such scenarios. An ODC can help you create backups for resources that can easily take over project responsibility, ensuring zero downtime and a smooth work transition.

Work coverage during extended hours

Having a cross-border team that works in different time zones ensures that your project constantly evolves. When your in-house team leaves the office, your offshore development team assumes control of the project.

A model like this is helpful in quality assurance because the teams operate in different time zones. Their previous work is reviewed before the ODC team begins on any given day. The quality team already shared a report on the code’s errors, bugs, and flaws. Companies can ensure no lag or delay in the project this way.

Business expansion

Offshore development centers are an excellent way to expand your company’s presence and offerings internationally. ODC assists you in establishing a physical presence in an offshore market at a low cost.

Hiring local talent enables you to localize your products and solutions to reach out to the potential customer base in that country. It also aids in the development of brand affinity among local businesses.

Focus on core competencies

With an offshore development center in place, businesses can delegate IT operations to the offshore team while focusing resources and time on developing core competencies.

Offshore development centers have undoubtedly emerged as IT outsourcing winners with all of these benefits. However, hiring an ODC is not the same as outsourcing IT projects. The business models of both solutions are quite different.


One of the most significant challenges software development companies face is delivering high-quality projects while staying within budget. Delegating your IT projects to an offshore team can reduce development costs by up to 60%.

Over the last decade, developing countries have emerged as significant-tech destinations. These countries have a large pool of talent in a variety of technologies. Because many of these are developing countries, the lower cost of living translates into lower labor and infrastructure costs. Furthermore, government policies encouraging FDI are more likely to attract investment.

Choosing the right ODC team is critical to project success. But how can you be sure that you make the right decision? Here’s how:

How do you pick an ODC team?

In terms of management, communication, culture, legal compliance, government policies, and cybersecurity, establishing an offshore development center presents its own set of challenges and risks.

These difficulties can be avoided by gathering information about the country chosen for ODC and thoroughly screening the service providers.

Leadership Team

Before selecting an ODC service-providing team, one must interact with the leadership team. Communication is a non-negotiable requirement when establishing an offshore business. Project success is ensured by good communication, the proper talent selection, and the right cultural fit.

Open and Honest Communication

Creating a successful software product or solution takes time and a skilled team to conduct granular testing and ensure quality. At various stages of development, there are multiple rounds of quality assessment, feedback, and code inspection.

Though ODC teams are known for delivering high-quality work while meeting deadlines, anyone promising unrealistic delivery times is likely to have little to no understanding of how software development works.



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