5 easy ways to safeguard your business from cyber attacks in 2019

by Srinivas Arasada on March 19, 2019 in Generic


In the age of digitization, along with innovations in technology, arrives innovations in digital crime. Cyber attacks are actions to break into a network to steal, disrupt, disable, expose or alter an asset via unauthorized access insincerely gained. To protect the asset from such corruption, Cybersecurity comes into play.

Small and Medium Enterprises or SMEs, with their low focus on security, eventually become the most vulnerable targets. Thereafter, hackers navigate their way through the SME’s links to larger enterprises which otherwise would have been a mammoth task. Thus, a firm’s security standards often become the deciding factor between signing and not signing contracts with larger enterprises. Over the years, such attacks have only multiplied and are a looming threat over the IT industry. For instance, the massive Target data breach of 2013 took place by hacking a small HVAC company first.

In 2017, it was estimated that around 61% of victims of cybersecurity hail from the small-scale business sector. To brace your firm and yourself from the dangers of cyber-attacks, you must definitely follow these tips.

  1. AI-powered Cyber-Attack Detection
    Artificial Intelligence has now seen a boom in the IT industry and with good reason. It has immense power and helps specialists track any consistent pattern or anomalies, leading to better malware detections. According to some experts, a cyber attacker is camouflaged in the network for about 150 days. An AI system will be able to detect the slightest ripples caused by this hidden presence and keeps the attacker away.
  2. Authenticated Access
    It is highly advised to develop a highly secure multi-factor authentication system to grant access to your staff, clients or the managerial board. This will prevent brute force methods often applied by hackers to break into a network. Brute force methods are very simple, yet highly powerful. With a few combinations of the employee and company details, attackers often crack passwords in a few hours. It is thus extremely important to offer layers of security which require authentication from varying devices.
  3. Sensitized Data Privacy
    Data can be breached through several points, especially through vulnerable websites, phishing emails, fraudulent phone calls, and many more methods. It is imperative to warn employees against such attacks so that the firm’s data is securely maintained. Precautions such as private messaging apps in the company, company-verified VPN services, and emailing tools should be implemented.
  4. Employee Awareness and Training
    All the above precautions are extremely important. However, all might fail if your weakest leaking point is left unguarded: your employees. Your employees are extremely vulnerable if they do not have the basic knowledge and ground level ability to brace themselves against cyber attackers who play with their trust. A very simple yet powerful precaution is connecting to public Wi-Fi via company verified VPN services which will encrypt your employee’s data and prevent “Man-in-the-Middle” attacks through the external network.
  5. Find yourself a proper Expert
    To carry out the above precautions, an expert guide is required. An amateur’s security walls are as good as no walls at all. Security guides with thorough knowledge in cybersecurity will provide the right guidance to both your digital systems as well as employees.


You can ensure these security benefits for your firm such that it meets the industry’s security standards to score more contracts if you implement the mentioned precautions and more with the help of experts in cybersecurity. Evolutyz helps you to achieve this imperative feat by meeting the excessive demand for cybersecurity and giving you an edge over your competitors in the market.

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