5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail & How to Make Them Successful

by admin on February 15, 2019 in Generic


The mobile industry has seen rapid growth in the last decade in terms of technology and the number of applications available for any problem. A substantial chunk of this growth period involved the evolution of smartphones which led to the innovation of software applications or apps to enhance the digital experience which the smartphones could easily support.

This easy access makes way for a huge market sprouting with opportunities for app developers. However, a huge market brings along an equally large competition where creators aim to constantly innovate to achieve a higher percentage of user attention.

The path to a successful mobile application does not end at a smooth functioning and innovative design. The failure percentage of mobile apps is extremely high in the market and sometimes, in spite of being highly utilitarian. These are the five primary reasons why most mobile apps fail:

  1. Substandard Quality Testing:
    Mobile apps are in fact software products which run on minicomputers. It is equally important to complete quality testing and assurance phase for a mobile application as any other software product in the IT market.Testing on most platforms helps bugs to surface, preventing probable fatal crashes. Use of MVP or Minimum Viable Product technique is also highly advised since it helps to develop an idea of the target audience and their reaction to the app’s features.
  2. Poor Marketing/Branding:
    Even a gold bar hidden in a deep well has no value until someone discovers it. An app may host the most innovative design or may have the most useful resources, however, if the audience does not know these facts, they will have no reason to pick this app from a basket of thousands.It is of paramount importance that an effective marketing strategy is established along with advertisement tools in terms of appetizing app videos, screenshots, etc., provided there is a well-suited logo to represent your app image. Clever launching schemes must be devised to bring these under the limelight.
  3. Unsatisfactory User Experience:
    Even a great software design/idea can come off as unsatisfying if the user interface does not facilitate a smooth experience. Minute factors like slow click-response time, high loading time and visually straining visuals can water down the app’s performance score.It is always recommended that a rich user interface is initiated to help the features of your app bloom to its optimum.
  4. Lack of Unique Innovation:
    Every marketing and testing phase rests on the foundation of product originality. If the developer gets highly inspired by already existing products, he/she must innovate further instead of creating a duplicate design. In a crowd, only the unique have a chance of standing out and being noticed. The initial lure caused by duplicate apps will die down rapidly.
  5. Overlooking Competition:
    The competition in the app market is huge and fierce. However, most app developers are often misled by the excitement which their innovations furnish, leading to overconfidence and ignorance of competitors.

The best strategy is to follow the competitors closely on their actions and improvise accordingly such that you always have an edge over them. The power of Analytics and Machine Learning can be used to detect the trends and patterns the competitors comply to frequently.

Considering these points, one must know that there is no pre-cooked recipe for a successful app. However, the above points are the most commonly overlooked pitfalls that app developers fall prey to, and thus, they must be avoided consciously. Experts at Evolutyz help secure a mobile application against all these pitfalls and more.

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