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The Impact of Artificial intelligence on Software Development

March 2, 2023 - Generic


In recent years, the impact of Artificial intelligence (AI) on software development has been immense. Business owners now have more options than ever before when selecting technology to help run and manage their operations. AI has enabled developers to create faster, more reliable, and more powerful systems than ever before. In this blog, we’ll be […]


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The Future of Virtual Reality in Education and Training

February 17, 2023 - Generic


Virtual Reality (VR)  has come a long way since its discovery in the 1960s. Virtual reality started as a tool for scientific research and military simulations but now has become a versatile platform for entertainment, communication, and learning. With VR technology, people have new opportunities to engage with the world in previously impossible ways. In […]


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5 Best practices for native app development

January 19, 2023 - Generic


  With the number of applications continuing to grow, app developers have to work harder than ever to stay ahead of the competition. To make sure your app stands out, you must invest time and resources in developing a high-quality product targeting your specific audience. With so many apps on store shelves, developers also need […]


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Disrupting Data Models: A Need for Enterprises of Tomorrow

November 25, 2022 - Generic


In today’s digital world, the ability to collect, store, and process data are key in order to meeting the future requirements of an organization. Disrupting Data modeling helps you create a blueprint for your company’s data so that it can be accessed, stored, and managed more efficiently. However, this is not always an easy task […]


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Converting your workforce into Digital army

November 17, 2022 - Generic


  In today’s world, there’s no escaping the digital revolution regardless of your industry or company size, it’s almost certain that you’ll be touched by digital how sooner than later. But while the digital transformation has undoubtedly reshaped our lives, businesses haven’t always embraced this alteration as quickly or as fully as they should have. […]


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Shift Left or Shift Right? Which Q/A Strategy should you adopt?

September 16, 2022 - Generic


Are you looking for cost-effective solutions to reduce your software development cycle, increase the quality of your software, and reduce the number of bugs in your code? If yes, then you should consider adopting the ‘shift left’ or ‘shift right’ Q/A strategy. Both these strategies are used to optimize software testing processes by shifting different […]


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How did we build an employee-centric company?

September 2, 2022 - Generic


People are happiest when they’re able to find balance in their lives. That’s why employee well-being has become an important topic for companies looking to retain their best workers, encourage loyalty, and reduce turnover. An employee’s well-being is directly related to their job performance, general satisfaction with life, and willingness to stay with a company […]


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Internet Safety Rules You Should Not Ignore

February 8, 2022 - Generic


Even though apps play a crucial role in most people’s daily online interactions than traditional websites, the fundamental Internet safety rules have not changed. Hackers are still looking for personal information that they can use to gain access to your credit card and bank account information. Unsafe surfing can also lead to other dangers, such […]


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Top 5 things you must know about Data Privacy

January 28, 2022 - Generic


What is the significance of data privacy? Data protection laws around the world aim to restore individuals’ control over data, empowering them to know how, by whom, and why their data is being used and giving them control over how their personal data is processed and used. That is why organizations must learn how to […]


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Hiring people with disabilities – A boon for organization

January 10, 2022 - Generic


People with disabilities have long been excluded or underrepresented in the labor force due to unrealistic expectations and preconceived notions about their abilities. However, there has been a significant increase in discussion and activism about fair representation and equal opportunity for people with disabilities in the workplace. As a result, the working world is changing […]


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