Research the company before your Job Interview

by Evolutyz Corp on January 23, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Company research is a mandatory process that one must do before the job interview; this makes you more presentable and focus during your personal interview. Here are some tips that will help you to know about the company Online.

Company Research Tips for Job Interview

Visit Company’s Website: – The best way to know about a company is always via website, so when you go through the website, visit about us page here you will get a lot of information about the company, moreover this will also help you to know an organization history.

Update yourself with Corporate News: – Apart from history, you must be aware of latest news and events of the company. You can get this information from Corporate News or Press Release section on the website.

 Go through Wikipedia: – If you are applying for an MNC or a well renowned firm then you can easily get the details from Wikipedia. Wikipedia will help you to understand the organization in a better way. 

Do the competitor research: – In many cases interviewer ask you about their competitors, here Search engines play an important role in competitor research/ analysis. All you need to do is type a Product or Services related keyword in which your company deals with e.g. Advertising, Information Technology, FMCG Products etc. Along with the keyword mention city or Country where the company is based e.g.  Advertising Firm in Bangalore/ Advertising Company in Bangalore, IT Company Delhi. This technique will show the results of existing competitors of the company.

Use Social Media Platform: – When it comes to a new startup this is not necessary that a firm has its website, in this case use social media platforms i.e Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Classifieds , online directories etc. These social media sites are most commonly used in generating information about companies.