Tips for Stress Management in the workplace

by Evolutyz Corp on January 20, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Are you going through the tough phase at your workplace? Or deadlines are fast approaching? And hence these reasons are making you totally stressed out. So here are some stress management tips which will not only help you to eliminate stress but also to deal with extreme work pressure.

Tips for stress management 

Feel the morning breeze:  When you wake up in the morning and take a walk then; fresh air enters into your body which creates positivity around you. Walk for sometime but do it regularly.

Meditate: Meditation opens up your chakras and makes your mind peaceful. We always take right decision with peace of mind. Give yourself 5-10 minutes for mediation.

Act Wisely: Whenever situation gets out of control then do not react but act wisely. Try to find the aspects of the situation that you can control. Keep patience and be a smart decision maker.

Organize your work: Time management is the key to success. Prioritize your tasks and set your own deadline to finish the work.  Soon you won’t feel any work pressure on you.

Be Humorous: Humor is one of the biggest and quickest sources of reducing stress. Laughter produces helpful chemicals in the brain, which keeps you away from the stress. Read funny jokes, watch funny videos. And once you start to smile and chuckle the stress begins to dissipate.

Do not work beyond your capacity: This is very common among working professionals, just to meet up with deadlines they work beyond their capacity and this causes sleepless nights and extreme stress. Your body needs some rest, schedule your work in such a way that you could take breaks.

Eat healthy and sleep well: Do not skip your meal at any cost, take high protein diet and eat lots of green salads and fruits. Sleep 7-8 hours a day not less than that. After long working hours your body needs complete rest. Retire to your bed on time.