Constructive Ideas for startups to reduce hiring cost

by Evolutyz Corp on October 15, 2015 in Generic


Hiring Process can be an expensive deal for new startups where the core recruiting is involved which includes, the interviewing, the offer, the on-board training and so on, all it costs money. Follow the constructive ideas for startups to reduce hiring cost.

Constructive ideas for startups to reduce hiring cost.

Revamp your career page

Create an attractive career page and also briefly mention your company’s work culture, life at your company, employees’ growth opportunities. Potential candidates like to work with brands and by showcasing your career page effectively you will open the door for right candidates to apply directly.

Keep your social media channels active

Social media has become the most vibrant source to connect globally, it is a new way to find employment opportunities, keep your company’s social media profiles active and let your candidates explore the latest openings. Share fruitful content with your audience to gather more response from them. Do not forget to create the buzz among aspirants.

Conduct Video Interview

Video interview is an amazingly inexpensive way to conduct recruitment process for candidates living remotely. This is quite effective in finding potential talent across the globe.

Post ads on free job boards

Search the top ranking free job boards online where you can post the latest openings, job boards like craigslist and idealist gather massive traffic to their sites every day moreover they have become the excellent resource for talent acquisition team nowadays.

Host a happening gathering

Organizing an event doesn’t cost a lot , order some snacks introduce your company and team members let them mingle with the prospective candidates.

There are quite a few organizations who implement such ideas . Definitely this strategy will bring the potential aspirants to your door. If you have a tight budget then you can think of such routes for creating a great hiring experience.