Improve Your Interviewing Skills- Learn How

by Evolutyz Corp on September 16, 2015 in Generic


There have been a variety of articles written for candidates to improve their skills for an interview, although an interview is always a two-way conversation, a skilled interviewer not only makes a candidate feel at home but also builds the company’s good will. A successful interviewer is the one who gains the valuable information of a person and showcases a positive image of their organization.

Follow these actions to improve your interviewing skills

Be Prepared

Make a list of job responsibilities and qualification for the open position. Be ready to answer the questions related to company’s goal, employee’s benefits and growth.

Don’t let your candidate wait

Every interviewer should have a polite gesture towards the interviewee making a candidate wait for long without any reason or unnecessarily is definitely going to give a negative impression. An experienced candidate will consider it as unpleasant behavior.
Make the candidate feel at home
Greet your candidate with warmth; offer a glass of water or a cup of coffee this will enable you to start the interview with ease.

Review the candidate’s profile

It is always better to know about the candidate before resuming an interview, review their resume, cover letter, and social media profiles like Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so on.

Be a fantastic listener

For every interviewer, this is important to let the candidate express themselves, pay attention to the interviewee, do not cut them short in the middle of the conversation.

Be Natural

Do not rehearse so much while preparing for the interview questions, your candidate may find your tone or the way of asking question unnatural.

Do not ask illegal questions

Never make your candidate feel uncomfortable by asking inappropriate questions or can say illegal questions like marital status, caste, birth, arrest records, disabilities, country of origin, religion race are illegal during an interview. This may directly hurt their sentiments and also malign your company’s reputation

Follow up with the candidate

After the interview do not put your candidate in the middle, contact them back and share your feedback regarding the job interview. This will leave a good impression about your organization. The candidate will be more likely to refer others to your company.