Email Marketing For Recruiters

by Evolutyz Corp on April 23, 2015 in Generic


What are your expectations when you spend a huge amount of money for your business on pay per click, Google Adwords or Banner advertising, print media? And the answer is very obvious to get the business done by reaching your target audience. What if you receive a stupendous response without spending much? Doesn’t this sound WOW? And this is possible by running an online campaign through email marketing. Email marketing is the most inexpensive way to promote your business globally and especially when you are into recruitment then there are massive possibilities to find potential talent. Effective email marketing for recruiters can work as a gold mine only if it is done wisely. Our todays post is a help for recruiters who want to make their recruitment constructive and economical. Let’s start with its benefits and then how to step up your e-mail marketing campaign.

Email Marketing For Recruiters: Benefits of Email Marketing

Easy to Handle

If you are new to the e-mail marketing, then it is nowhere difficult to start up a campaign, it is easy and allows you to use mailing list through which you can send information about latest job openings across the planet.

Cost effective

When we talk about advertising through traditional media, then it requires a lump sum amount of money to spend on design, execution, testing and printed papers wherein email marketing you do not need to go tough as it eliminates the cost and a great initiative to go green.

Easy To Monitor

Email marketing allows you to track the activity of the user via Analytics, bounce rate, un-subscribers. You can get details of positive and negative response.

Opt in and Opt Out Option

Through opt in and opt out options you can shortlist prospects and interested users will provide their email addresses, but if the subscribers are tired of your mails than they can easily unsubscribe the e-mail.

Speedy Response

While direct mail takes a long time on the other hand it hardly takes 1-3 days for users to respond on your emails.

Worldwide reach

Wherever you are, your email will reach your target audience globally as it has no limitation and the best part is that you can repeat the same campaign again automatically and affordably.

Extremely Personal

It allows you to send a personal message to every person by personalizing your email, and as well as to improve results you can send messages to a smaller group within your larger list.

Exceptional Results

By the help of advance tools you can accurately measure the results, conversation, click-through rate, how someone came across your website and so on.

Targeted Reach

This allows to set up your emails according to the target audience, geographical area, age group, gender and as per your requirements.


Last but not the least there are enormous possibilities to experiment with your email marketing campaign where you can send graphics, videos and anything to pull your audience.

Overall email marketing is worth and value for money so guys this is all about the benefits of email marketing campaign in our next blog post we will talk more about how to setup your email marketing campaign.