How To Start An Email Marketing Campaign

by Evolutyz Corp on May 29, 2015 in Generic


In our previous post we talked about email marketing for recruiters today we will explain how to start an email marketing campaign for your business – follow these simple steps to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Know your campaign objectives

For running an effective email marketing campaign your objectives must be clearly defined.

  • Why you want to start email marketing campaign?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • What message you want to convey your audience?
  • What is your call to action?

Choose the right service provider

For starting an email marketing campaign you must choose the right service provide, we strongly recommend you not to go with Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail or another platform to send bulk emails. There are companies’ i.e Constant ContactMad Mimi or Mail Chimp etc who create and manage your email marketing database, customizing email template. Many companies provide a free trial service that helps you to choose the right one for your business.

Build Your Email List

For building an email list all you need is to provide sign up or subscription option to your website which will automatically link directly to the email database. By enabling this option you can easily build a list of your potential and existing customers.

Know The Law

Before starting up your campaign you must know the law and rules as it may differ country to country. In the USA your email must be CAN-SPAM Complaint . Rules are as follows

  • Your email must have un subscription option
  • You have to unsubscribe user within 10 days or immediately
  • Your physical address must be mentioned in the marketing email

Create your email

When you create your email make sure you follow the check list-

  • Your subject line must be strong enough to understand, compelling, clear and actionable.
  • Write attention grabbing headline so that your audience would show interest to read the email further.
  • Your content must be benefit driven, explain your user what you are offering,
  • Use bold text and divide each section accurately in bullet points, whatever image you use in your email marketing campaign make sure it is of the correct ratio and visually appealing.
  • Add call to action in your email e.g. button – register for hottest job openings
  • Add logo to your email so that it becomes easy for user to recognize
  • Personalize your email by adding recipient’s name.
  • Add your business address in the bottom of an email.
  • Do not forget to add unsubsciption option in the email

Send your email

Once you are through with the process its time to send your email to recipients but to measure its success rate send your email accordingly.

  • Best time of the day
  • Best week of the month
  • Strong subject lines
  • The Offers
  • Personalization

Measure the success

After sending the email now its time for you to measure its success rate by going through the analytics process and monitor the user’s response on your email this may include

  • Number of registrant
  • Un subscription rate
  • Number of response