Employees Motivation For Company’s Success

by Evolutyz Corp on May 9, 2014 in Generic


“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.”  –  Dwight D. Eisenhower

Searches on employees motivation is most common, every month approximately more than 7000, searches happen on internet. And when it comes to motivation then every employee needs it, motivation not only makes employee work efficiently but also makes them think creatively in their projects. Business growth is also based on your team performance and this is possible when every individual gives their 100% efforts to the company. All they need motivation from the employer‘s end. Find the ways to keep them motivated to come to work everyday. Remember your little efforts can make a big difference. Follow these simple steps

 Create a conducive working environment

Your employees will give you quality work only when they are happy and free. Everyone should feel an important part of the team. Don’t restrict them to share their ideas with you, ask their suggestions and value them.

 Play some music

Music is one the best motivational therapies that change mood of an individual. Therefore it is always better to play good music in your office.  This activity will never affect your employee’s work but it creates energy and enthusiasm in the team as they will enjoy more.

 Bring refreshments and meal

Keep a kitchen in your office, and allow your staff to have tea or coffee there if you can manage to give them one time meal then what’s better than this.

 Institute casual days

There must be casual day once in a week say friday , where your employees can come with casual attires . 5days formal sounds monotonous, allow your team to dress up the way they want every friday .

Conduct motivational sessions

Conduct motivational session every month, to let your employees recognize their inner strength and talent. Most of the big companies hire freelance motivational speakers who fill the energy in every individual and divert their mind towards the right direction; employees feel more positivity around them. If you cannot afford to hire a motivational speaker then you can do it by yourself or else find someone in your company who can speak outstandingly.

Organize social events

Hectic work environment develops low energy level therefore organize social events at your work place or take your team out somewhere. A small break can bring your employees back to the work with positive changes.

Develop great relationship

One must share good rapport with employees; if you do so then you can make them do what you want them to do. A great understanding between staff and boss can get the work done more effectively. Conduct meeting every couple of days. Know if they are facing any difficulty in project, what are their requirements give everyone full freedom to speak.

Celebrate Occasions

Make your team a part of your family, they should feel at home at work place, celebrating birthday, festivals or any other occasion is a great way of motivation.

Reward Them

Don’t forget to reward your employees for their good work, if your team gets you achieve a new project then appreciate their effort by rewarding them, it can be in a form of party, gifts, movie tickets, award, certificate etc. Recognize their contribution and excellence for a good work.