What Recruiters Expect From Job Seekers

by Evolutyz Corp on May 6, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


 Recently U.S. News published article on “A recruiter’s wish –list for job seekers in which top recruiters and coaches shared their thoughts on hiring process. Almost every Job-seeker would like to know recruiter’s expectations during hiring process.

According to Arnie Fertig (The story’s writer)– The Association of Career Professionals International – New England an organization of Boston area’s top-tier career coaching and related professional every year conducts a forum where they discuss on latest hiring trends. Fertig says this year’s event provided much insight for serious job seekers.

Fertig mentions a quote from Mary Truslow Senior recruiter at the management consulting firm communications collaborative, a subsidiary of pile and company says-  Job seeker should be aware of their market and as well as how to talk about it.

Fertig adds a quote – Rick Kunin , technology recruiting practice leader at the boutique executive search and technical recruiting firm Edelman & Associates expresses his views – “A lot of candidates don’t bother to do their homework. If I send them the name of the company and the job description in advance, I expect them to read it and spend some time online researching. The people that haven’t done that are generally the people we aren’t going to go much further with.”

This is an obvious wish if you are applying for a job in a company then you must be aware of the business at least something about the market place you should know , so that you can tell recruiter why you deserve to be hired and how your contribution help company to grow in that field. Therefore you must need to do some company research when you apply for a job.

Fertig mentions a point from Atarah Levine, a senior sourcing specialist at, is tasked with researching and identifying candidates with whom recruiters should speak. She reads résumés continually and stressed the importance of not only spell checking but having someone else read your résumé before you submit it to make certain your grammar and spelling are correct. Levine says that many times she has seen spelling mistake of “Hiring Manger” instead of “Hiring Manager”.

This is so true that spelling errors in resume is just unavoidable; one spelling mistake can cost you a lot. And if you send your resume without proofreading then recruiter will not consider it anyway. Therefore before sending your resume proof read and check there is no spelling mistake in it.

Fertig adds a point from Paul Edelman, managing director of Edelman & Associates, emphasized the importance of being prepared to say what you have done and how you understand its larger value to an employer. He spoke of the dichotomy between what he termed “tasky” and “goal-oriented” employees.

Edelman gives an example of a situation someone from company like FedEx talking about his/her duties “I picked up boxes over here and delivered them over there.” According to Edelman this is a task.

Talking about your experience is not enough you must elaborate it by telling recruiter how your contribution helped your company. Recruiter will appreciate if you mention about your experience and accomplishments that benefited employer. This will help recruiter to understand that your skills and talent are an asset to the business.

At last Fertig mentions a quote from Trustlow ““Be honest! We ask questions and we want honest answers.”

If recruiter asks you that whether you have applied for the same company before then answer what is right, if you have already sent your resume then tell this truth to the recruiter. Because sending your resume twice to same company and for the same position won’t double your chances but it will make you look bad as well as the recruiter too.

Fertig quoted Truslow Saying – “in the end, the truth comes out, so it is better to just be up front and honest about it.”

Source- U.S. News