How ERP Improves Your Decision Making

by Evolutyz Corp on March 21, 2014 in Generic


When you typically handle a company or a group then you probably prefer to invest into something that can help in growth and revenue of the business lets take an example here –

We buy tools to make products and to increase the work capacity we install machines and for designing and selling products we hire people; because we know they are needed for the business growth. Information Technology and software has become a basic need in our day to day life and when it comes to run a business, whether a small or medium sized someway or the other we are dependent on them.  As long as you can manage spreadsheets and other basic software like QuickBooks for invoicing, account management, you avoid spending capital on other software or technology to materialize the similar need  (That can make your work much easier and quicker). Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has become very popular among large Industries as they use to run their businesses through it. If you think, ERP is not affordable or you are not aware of its real benefits then today this article will surely help you to know why ERP is real value for the business.

Before moving ahead this is important to highlight few things about ERP and its utilization in business process. ERP is business management software which is developed to manage typical enterprise; it is an integrated application that improves the business decision by creating information from every part available to throughout your business operations. Companies use to handle and store data from every level of business, starting from product, planning cost development, Invoicing, accounting, marketing and sales order entry, manufacturing, shipping and payment, financial, warehousing, payroll. ERP software has the collective source of master data which tracks the record of customers / buyers, vendors, product bill, manufacturing work processes and many other records. By maintaining such records help company to improve consistently with the same set of Information. Most of the small sized companies are used to work on QuickBooks, spreadsheets and Peachtree but as the business grows these software starts impacting business results in actual ways which affects the bottom line i.e lost data, missed shipments, invoicing and so on. Though QuickBooks provides solutions to many small businesses and it is the most users friendly software but it has certain limitations and still far from being integrated ERP with proper control of auditing and scale the end to end business operations.  Here are some more benefits of ERP –

  • It uplifts sales performance.
  • It improves the visibility of organization’s financial growth.
  • It helps in managing business operations.
  • It reduces labor cost.
  • ERP improves product’s delivery on time.
  • By consistent business processes and polices throughout the organization it improves customer services and profitability.
  • It upgrades control and planning record

ERP software is cost effective, affordable and can be easily customized according to the nature of business i.e general manufacturing, retail, CPG, Life Sciences, Process, distribution, and service industries. If you want to know more about ERP software then you can mail us at .