When Choosing A Recruitment Company (Part 1)

by Evolutyz Corp on March 25, 2014 in Generic


Whether you are an  Industrialist or a Job seeker, recruitment company  plays important role for both.  Now- a-days for staffing search most of the companies prefer to outsource, on the other hand for better opportunity job seekers also knock the door of recruitment companies.  But choosing a hiring agency is as difficult as finding the best face in the crowd of millions. If you are a part of the same scenario then this post will surely going to help you to find out the best among the rest.

Recruitment Company For Industry

Determine your Staffing Goals

Do you want to hire administrative officer/ executive to manage the admin area or a web designer to build your company’s website and help you to launch your products? You may want to hire temporary staff who can work on behalf when your permanent employees are out on vacation or fallen sick.  To meet the need, your staffing goals must be targeted.

Understand the specialized service of recruitment firms

Some hiring companies deal with entry level, part time, temporary administrative or contract level staffing, where other agencies are specialized into mid level, top level domain and permanent recruitment. So here you need to select recruitment company as per your staffing requirement.

Make an online search

Internet is an excellent source to gather valuable information where other sources fail, use the term as staffing agency, hiring company , recruitment company, permanent/ temporary staffing  firm etc and mention the geographical region as well as the industry type, this will show accurate results of your search.

Gather information of different hiring agencies

Search the Industry reviews of staffing firms, go through their website see the client list and if they haven’t mentioned the clientele then you can directly contact them via e-mail or phone and ask them to provide you the client list. Before choosing a company you must be aware of their history. Other way is to Google a company with the search term as –XYZ Company Reviews in this way you will come to know about the agency’s reputation moreover, you can also go through their social media networks and check  reviews.

Consider your communications with the company

These days’ recruitment agencies are mushrooming everywhere which make company difficult to find the better one. Therefore judge the agencies minutely. There are few things which you need to find – Are they familiar with your Industry?  Are they  more focusing towards the agency’s profit and making empty promises? Check how they communicate with you. These are the ways to avoid specific hiring companies.

Value for money

This is not necessary agency who promises to give you  price below the market rate will be the best one for you if it’s not providing quality staff, on the other hand high-priced firms might be charging you too much but paying less to the workers. Investigate these matters before finalizing any recruitment company.

So today we have discussed about choosing a recruitment company for Industry, in the next post we will highlight important points to find recruitment firm for Job seekers. If you have any question then drop an e-mail at  and we will get back to you soon.