How to deal with a hostile interviewer

by Evolutyz Corp on June 16, 2015 in Generic


It takes a lot of hard work to get a job of your dream and the most difficult phase is to go through an interview process, where you have chances to make it or lose it. With the time interview process has become more gentrified and dignified, moreover interviewers try to make their candidate feel at home which helps them to explore the hidden talent inside an interviewee.  However it is would be naïve to say that hostile interviewers do not exist anymore, but actually they do and who knows one day you come cross them in case you do then be prepared for the toughest moment of your life because they will not only ask difficult questions but also put you under pressure by asking in an aggressive manner. Now the question is how to deal with a hostile interviewer? So if you are good at it then no one can stop you to chase your dream job but if you aren’t then this post may help you to deal with a hostile interviewer.

Learn how to deal with a hostile interviewer follow these simple rules to make your interview process easy by handling unfriendly interviewers.

Rule No.1

Interviewer may try to trip you up by asking difficult questions unrelated to your job profile just to check your confidence level in such situation put your mind and soul together and take a deep breath, give yourself couple minutes to answer.

Rule No.2

No matter how rude the response of an interviewer is you have to smile by keeping yourself cheer up this will definitely boost your confidence and give an impression to the interviewer that you are all set to go under pressure.

Rule No.3

Don’t take interviewer’s hostility personally by keeping one thing in mind that every candidate is getting the same treatment will reduce the feeling of defensiveness, it allow you to think clearly and answer better.

Rule No. 4

Answer your questions strongly; project your voice tone, avoid fumbling. There are few best practices to raise the confidence level. Stand in front of a mirror and speak as you are interacting with the interviewer. Soon you can see a drastic improvement in you.

Rule No.5

Do not miss an opportunity to ask question, it’s your right and you don’t have to lose this moment. Pour your heart out ask whatever question you have in your mind related to company, team, work culture, salary, company holidays and everything else but do remember your question must be sensible enough to answer.