Tech Tools To Manage The Business Efficiently

by Evolutyz Corp on May 28, 2016 in Generic


For every company it is important to manage everything in an organized fashion, whether it is a client’s communication, sharing documents with a team you have to make sure everything goes flawless and hassle free.

Here are tech tools to manage the business efficiently

CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer relationship management software, it is important for three main reasons

1. It enables you to share data of clients received by different employees. That way, each employee can manage the data as if they had discussed with the clients themselves.

2. It acts as a convenient place to track data accurately relevant to business, such as events registered for and membership information.

3. It supports you to schedule appointments and email clients and prospects from one central location.

Analytics Software

You need to comprehend your data and numbers. Free tools like Google Analytics are excellent ways for startups to follow what is working and what isn’t.


For marketing and graphic design, Canva is an exceptional tool. There are paid and free versions, with the paid version enabling you to build and save brand colors and fonts.


Are you looking for a platform to get your website up quickly? Squarespace is easy to sign up for, has a user-friendly interface that anybody with having knowledge can operate, and allows a multiplicity of helpful integrations.


Trello has the best balance between flexibility and ease of use, that’s why you can use the boards and cards to manage everything from your own personal army of sticky notes to software development backlog and reminders


Every business or entrepreneur could help from using Slack, a task management software that allows virtual teams to communicate under channels i.e. assignments or projects. Slack helps to categorize and follow up all of the many moving parts within startup easily. On Slack, you can collaborate, communicate, assign tasks, and upload documents, all in one place and also accesses it all online.


Asana helps you maintain the track record of everything that you are doing to grow your company. It tracks sends out alerts, tracks time, assigns tasks, projects etc.


Basecamp provides a platform to collaborate and maintain a record of all the decisions you make on a project. Most importantly, it gives the setting around why we made those decisions.


Recurly is a tool that lies between the tool and the payment gateway. From payments and invoices to the European Union value added tax agreement. This enables you to get a relatively hands-off role in billing, even if you process hundreds of payments each month.


MailChimp is the most convenient email marketing service. To build a powerful brand, using MailChimp will provide your business the possibility to send out engaging newsletters and discount promotions on a weekly basis, which supports you to develop a great relationship with your customer base. Mailchimp is designed with functionality and modern templates, making it the best system out there for email marketing.