How to bring yourself to the Job Interview

by Evolutyz Corp on January 31, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Your cloths and Entire look make the first impression on a potential employer during your Job Interview. At first glance interviewer gets the idea of an individual’s personality. The way you carry yourself, cloths and entire look define your personality.  This is important to dress professionally regardless of the work environment. Here are some ideas for managing your overall look during the job interview

Job Interview Tips for Menhow-to-bring-yourself-to-job

  • Formals are always the best options in interview. It is not important that you have to wear suit in your job interview but if you choose so then always go with solid colors like Navy Blue, Dark Grey or black
  • In shirt always go with Long sleeves one
  • Remember your tie must be well coordinated with your shirt, choose decent print and color.
  • Go with slim leather belt which is much suitable.
  • Wear dark socks with formal loafers or lace-up dress shoes.
  • Your hair must be short and professional, apply light gel this will keep your well set.
  • Shave off your long beard or unwanted hair on your face, if you spot moustaches then trimmed them. Limit the aftershave
  • Avoid wearing jewelry.
  • Your nails must be neatly trimmed
  • Wear light deodorant, do not wear strong one as some people are allergic to the strong fragrances.
  • Carry Portfolio or briefcase with you.

Job Interview Tips for Women

How to bring yourself to the job interview

  • Whatever you choose whether suit trouser or skirt, always go with dark color like Navy Blue, black or grey, if you go for skirt then it must be long enough so that you could sit comfortably.
  • Wear coordinated shirt
  • You can wear low, conservative, comfortable heals or “power flats.
  • You can go for little jewelry (no dangling earrings, bracelets, anklets )
  • Wear light ,decent Make up and perfume
  • Your hairstyle must look professional
  • Your nails must be neatly manicured
  • Carry Portfolio or briefcase with you