Get through a successful telephonic Interview

by Evolutyz Corp on February 4, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Telephonic interview is an initial process which helps interviewer to select best qualified candidates for Job opportunities. So this is important to make a good impression to get through the next level.

 Following tips will help you to know do’s and dont’s during telephonic Interview.

Telephonic Interview Do’s

  • The first thing to do before your interview is to compile a list of your Accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses and prepare the answers of typical questions.
  • Keep your resume infront of you. You can keep it over the desk or tap it to the wall near the phone so that you can easily answer questions.
  • Keep a pen, notebook or paper for note taking.
  • Go to some quiet place, away from the background noise.
  • Be a good listener and answer the interview accordingly
  • Think about the question first then answer and speak slowly and clearly.
  • Make sure that your cellphone is working well and you do not have any network issue in your area. If it’s so then In this case prefer landline rather than cellphone.
  • Smile changes the voice modulation and it gives positive impression to the listener, so smile during the telephonic Interview.

Telephonic Interview Don’ts

  • Avoid smoking, eating, and chewing gum during the Interview
  • Do not stretch your answers; make sure your answers are complete and to the point.
  • Do not interrupt the Interviewer when he/she is speaking to you.
  • Don’t use slang words i.e Cool, hot, gonna, hell, yeah right, as If etc.
  • Don’t yawn, this gives negative impression to the Interviewer
  • Don’t speak anything negative and against your former employer

After Telephonic Interview-

        Send a thank you note to the Interviewer; this will reiterate your interest in the position.