Apps to destress your mind at the workplace

by Evolutyz Corp on April 19, 2016 in Generic


The workplace is the most challenging destinations where you are allotted multiple responsibilities to handle at the same time. Studies show that people who undergo massive work pressure develop stress gradually. Therefore, it is extremely important for individuals to ease themselves during work.  Here are the apps  to destress your mind at the workplace.

Apps to destress your mind at the workplace


As it is scientifically proven that breathing exercise plays a tremendous role to ease our mind,  however, due to hectic life schedule people do not get time to perform such exercises, therefore, Breathe2Relax app is specially designed to keep working individuals in mind. This app makes you learn several breathing exercises. Breathe2Relax is available for Android and ios.


Meditation is an exceptional way to ease our mind completely, but due to several work demands and the crisis, it becomes challenging to meditate in the noisy environment. Headspace is an amazing app which guides you the meditation techniques step by step. This app is free for 10-day sessions, however if you are interested in learning the advanced techniques, then you can also purchase it as well. Headspace is available for Android and ios.

Gratitude Journal/Attitudes of Gratitude

When you’re stressed or uneasy, all of your concentration is on the immediate fixes, culminations, and quandaries you are facing. They get over your entire mind and transform you into an obnoxious personality.

The Gratitude Journal and Attitudes of Gratitude apps enable you to overcome some much-needed outlook. When using one of these apps, you begin by uploading all of the things for which you are thankful. The apps assist you to schedule at least one thing every day. This makes it accessible to retain the positive phases of your days.

Attitudes of Gratitude is available on Android; Gratitude Journal is on iOS.

7 Minute Workout

Working out is an excellent technique to alleviate pressure, but it’s not like you can just leave everything and kicked the gym in the middle of the workday.

All you can do is to install this app and take a quick seven-minute workout in. The workout is much intense, hence, you’ll apparently want to keep a t-shirt and shorts on hand. You can also perform this workout at your workplace by closing the door. It is not only a physical exercise but also unlocked all of the muscle tension that causes stress.

Available for iOS and Android.