Things Candidates Do Not Like About a Hiring Process

by Evolutyz Corp on February 16, 2016 in Generic


Considering the present climate,  the hiring process has become exceedingly tough for the potential candidate. Moreover, an unsatisfied applicant will be extremely difficult to turn into an interested and active candidate of your workforce. If you want to accelerate the effectiveness of your recruiting process, you need to assure that it is free of the distinctive concerns that really makes a candidate frustrated. Find out the  common things candidates do not like about a hiring process

Things candidates do not like about a hiring process

Your job ads do not match the candidate’s need

A potential candidate  is discouraged by job advertisement that emphasis entirely on the company’s needs. If your ads don’t talk about how the company can meet candidates’ needs, then the top candidates will undoubtedly walk away without applying. According to the recent research, it is found that the applicant-focused ad posts get many better-skilled candidates than employer-centered ad posts.  While posting a job next time, make sure it is candidate-focused. That means the advertisement should talk more about how the employer can match the candidates’ requirements in terms of salary, individual progress, work-life balance, well-being, and so on.

Candidates do not receive any response from you

Besides,  candidates  think negatively about the employers who do not respond them. Moreover, most of them deny to recommend or review them online. Undeniably, it shouldn’t be this way, but setting up an auto-responder can easily solve  this particular concern.

Your Hiring Process is too stretched

Recently, one of the candidates has gone through a worst experience with an MNC hiring process who has interviewed her for the past 7 seven months.  Highly skilled candidates are occupied. They are unable or unwilling to wait out unreasonable for an extensive hiring process. Companies should also be noted that the overlong recruitment process creates a negative impact on their organization. No matter how  good reason you have for the lengthy recruitment process, but any and all pointless process should be skipped to provide an exceptional experience to  the candidate as much as possible. In addition to, an employer should  accomplish candidate’s expectation by enlightening the reason of the long hiring process.

Candidates go through several interview rounds

The most common candidate’s complaint about quite a lot of interviews for a single job. Each and every stage of an interview consumes a lot of time, which  diverts them from their existing job or their private life. No candidate looks  to work for a company that don’t have value for their time before hiring a candidate.