Tips and techniques for recruiters to protect online reputation

by Evolutyz Corp on August 17, 2015 in Generic


Those were the days when companies used to rely on traditional media for promoting their business, with the fast paced technology businesses have shifted into the online mode of communication, which has added more value to organizations. You can bring your company to an online platform effortlessly but maintaining its reputation or presences for a long run isn’t a child play. So if you are into recruitment business then how long you can protect the firm from negative publicity or bad reviews.  Here are the useful tips and techniques for recruiters to protect online reputation.

Tips and techniques for recruiters to protect online reputation

Build social media presence

To increase the online visibility of your brand it is very important to keep your company’s social media profiles updated, always filter and monitor your social media accounts and never let anyone to post prohibited content on your profiles. Google has recently started indexing twitter updates within its search results and if you have posted any content in the past that could harm your reputation down the road then it’s an alarm for you to check and delete the history of your account.

Monitor reviews on search engines

Check whether your competitors are intentionally writing bad reviews about you, in order to find reviews you need to type company’s name and reviews on search engines for e.g.

XYZ (company name) reviews  

Wipeout the negative publicity

As it is not possible to remove bad reviews from the search engines results but you can throw negative comments into the last search engine results pages, where there is a negligible chance for visitors to see the end pages. There are few techniques through which you can wipe out the negative publicity from 1 to 3 pages of search engines.

  • Create profiles in high ranking social media and bookmarking sites i.e. Stumbleupon, storify, etc.
  • Create video of your organization.
  • Publish press releases in top PR sites e.i. PRWEB, NPR, PRLOG etc.
  • Optimize website via search engine optimization.