Transform yourself into a better personality [Part2]

by Evolutyz Corp on March 7, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


In the first part of this post we shared personality development tips, today we will continue with the same topic and talk about rest of it.

Work Out

For achieving good personality your outer appearance equally matters, by keep yourself fit you not only look impressive but also set an example as a well planned personality in front of others. Therefore include workout in your personality development plan.

Dress up

Your attires tell a lot about you. This is not important that you need to be professionally dressed up everywhere. Except the corporate world you can choose your cloths that you want, but always keep in mind that you should wear particular cloths on specific occasion. For personality development you must develop great dressing sense.


In the hectic day to day life, we go through stressful environment and during extreme unfavorable situations we mostly lose our cool and get panic which clearly reflects on our face and attitude. Sometimes this leaves bad or negative impression on others. Hence the better way to avoid this is to meditate. Meditation keeps us peaceful and calm as well as also makes us learn to deal with the adverse conditions. So meditate as per your feasibility say 5-10 minutes a day. Being clam is also a personality trait and you can achieve it through meditation.


It is the most important part of your personality. Whatever you do or say you must be confident enough to express your views or opinion. If you are shy and do not have guts to talk, then you should interact with people around you. Public speaking boosts up confidence level.  Try to talk to the people whom you don’t know personally. Attend events, seminars, social get together this will help a lot. Moreover instead of paying telephone, electricity and other bills online if you independently go out to pay your bills then you will definitely find drastic change in you and improve remarkably.


Nothing can be achieved without patience, especially for the lifelong development. After trying everything if someday you find no improvement in your personality then this is the time when your patience will be judged. If you give up and stop practicing then you will also mark a full stop in your success and goal, but if you come out of this trauma and learn to keep patience then you will be the winner for lifetime and never look back.