Transform yourself into a better personality[Part1]

by Evolutyz Corp on March 4, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


An individual’s thinking, feeling and behavior make a unique personality. When we laud someone for the better personality, we mean that they are likable, Interesting and pleasant to be with. Everyone of us desires to be center of attraction and wants to set an example infront of others. We can work on our looks only to a certain extent but when it comes to personality development then we have the ability to improve it as much as we want. Here are ways to accomplish this-

Discover yourself 

Knowing yourself doesn’t mean your favorite food, color, attire and so on. It means knowing your strength and weakness to work on. Analyze yourself and your nature. What kind of person you are in real? Are you a short tempered person? Do you easily get panic? Discuss this with your friends and family members because they know you better, and by asking them you will surely come up with the right answer.

Never Compare 

No one is perfect in the world; we all have different abilities, strength and weakness. You cannot not be good at everything, therefore never compare yourself with the others always compare yourself with yourself. By keeping this attitude you will gradually improve your personality.

Be positive

If you really want to achieve something in life then you must keep a positive attitude in you. There might be a situation where you fall or loose, but if you learn to deal with  circumstances then, end of the day you will become king of the castle. Positivity in life is very important it nurtures our personality.

Be courteous

Personality isn’t about how you look; it means how you present yourself infront of the others. You need to have an attitude that everyone would like to interact with you, you must be courteous, pleasing and humble. Greet everyone with smile, help when they need  and do not forget to reply back their greetings. This trait is an essential part of your personality that weighs a lot in the corporate world.

Body Language

Body language plays a mandatory role in personality development that comes under etiquettes; how you eat, sit, walk and behave when others are talking, make a huge impact. Sit in a proper posture; always walk upright and when someone is talking to you or in a group then pay attention to the speaker. Make a calm eye contact, do not stare or distract them. Good body language is a sign of confidence.

Want to discover some other personality development tips then stay tuned for part 2 of this post.