Use Twitter As Your Job Search Resource

by Evolutyz Corp on November 11, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


When we talk about job search through social media the first social media platform that comes in our mind is LinkedIn isn’t it? LinkedIn is a network where job seekers meet with the enormous opportunities. But can candidates think of using Twitter as a Job search tool? And the answer is absolutely yes, because Twitter has become a major platform for instant communication. This post is about how a candidate can find the right job by using twitter.

How to do Job search via Twitter-

  • Follow the industry as per your interest as well as job profile and join communities where you can give your contribution.
  • Be a thought leader. Do not just retweet on others tweets, but try to create meaningful content that people can actually value.
  • Build your own network and follow people do what you want to do.
  • Twitter is a great network to connect with the audience don’t be overly professional showcase your personality and talk to people about your interest.

How recruiters use twitter to find right candidates

This is quite unbelievable but big staffing companies, Mncs, hiring agents, headhunters, internal HR staffers, private recruitment professionals actively use Twitter to find right candidate for companies. By posting jobs on twitter these professionals not only find a massive number of candidates, but also save huge money that they spend in online advertising. On a daily basis every recruiter frequently updates job requirement on twitter and receives qualified resumes without spending a single amount. In fact recruiters get paid a fee when their candidate is chosen by major companies.
Hiring professionals generally use hashtag that helps candidates to identify the tweet is about jobs. For example #Jobs, #Careers , #hiring or #recruitment followed by a short description and link that directly takes a job seeker to the job opening site or page.
Nowadays some creative companies and hiring agencies not only announce job openings, but they also ask candidates to apply directly on twitter for a job. Applying for a job in just 140 characters isn’t as easy as a walk in the park.

How to be an engaging job seeker in twitter

Twitter can be a powerful job search board for you only if you know the right way to use it. Creating a twitter profile just to grab recruiter’s attention isn’t enough as hiring professionals keep an eye on your regular activities like the kind of content you post or share on Twitter.

  • It is important for you to share relevant contents or tweets that match up with your personality.
  • Let recruiters know your interests and passion outside your career.
  • Hiring professionals know if they hire you they will also inherit your network. Make sure that you build a strong network of people inside and outside your industry.
  • Communicate with people, respond to their tweets will help you to build a strong network and add value to your community.

Points to remember

  • Do not use twitter for self-promotion share rich stuff that makes people like and re-tweet.
  • Make sure you add an impressive description and picture in your twitter profile that can help you in the long run.
  • Be professional, but interesting join chats and communities interact with people. Initiate discussions with people who inspire you.

So guys these are the simple but very useful techniques that you can apply in job search and also help you to get connected to the hiring professionals on Twitter. If you have any job related query or want to share your feedback with us then we would like to receive your mail at