5 Types Of Candidates You Should Never Hire

by Evolutyz Corp on May 30, 2014 in Generic


Recruitment is not an easy process for both recruiter and candidate.  Where candidate needs to perform outstandingly during a job interview on the other hand it becomes employer’s responsibility to judge each candidate minutely and choose the deserving one among the crowd, because one wrong judgment can lead a hiring manager into trouble.  There are quite a few candidates who not mesh in the corporate world. Today we will tell about the 5 types of candidates you should never hire.

Submit unedited resumes

Candidates who do not bother to edit their resumes surely are not ready for employment. If they haven’t mention the required information in detail then there is no point in hiring such applicants. For an ideal candidate it is mandatory to update their CV time to time.

Outdated linkedin Profile

As we all know that linkedin is a professional network. And therefore we must maintain professionalism out there. Candidates who post funny content like their children pictures or any other pictures, and update illogical status do not deserve to be in the professional world. Moreover linkedin profile updation is as important as resume. And if you find outdated profile of candidates then think ten times before selecting them.

Unawareness about company

If a candidate doesn’t have much idea about company product or service if they haven’t try it then how could they talk about it? But someway or the other candidate must know atleast little about the company and browsed the website. Many applicants do not provide company’s information during the job interview. If an applicant does not have time to browse the website then it clearly shows their lack of interest and motivation towards the job.

Inappropriate content in social media

Would you hire a candidate whose social media profile is full with inappropriate contents and comments? Probably not. Recruiter rejects those applicants who have unethical social media profiles. An employee who maintains inappropriate behavior in his social network would definitely keep the same after the employment and represents the company some way.

Zero energy level

Motivation is an asset to run a company well. Unmotivated candidate are not supposed to be in the company because if they have low energy level then they can never come up with good work. If candidate show their inability to answer common questions i.e where do you see yourself after 10 years? Why we should hire you? It is a clear answer that they are unmotivated.