Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Hobbies And Interests In CV

by Evolutyz Corp on May 20, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Hobbies and interests section plays a key role in CV . It gives you opportunities to showcase your abilities and personality to the potential employer. Hobbies and interests in CV enhance your chances during job interview. They are the doorway to your success. Well executed hobbies and interest have potential to compensate lack of education and experience. So it is the last chance to win the favor of recruiter or employer who knows you from what they see on paper. Follow these simple techniques to improve hobbies and interest section in your CV –

      Things to add in hobbies and interest section-

  • Mention something which is relevant to the role for which you are applying, for e.g if you have applied for content developer job then reading and writing will be the best to write in hobbies and interest section.
  • Make a list of your accomplishments and add those that can standout. Though it is irrelevant to the employment but can be an assets during your interview. Highlight about your achievements for e.g serving your college as president, awarded in sports, contributed for local news paper as writer etc.
  • Write team related involvements, where you have worked outstandingly with your team. The purpose is to let interviewer know about your team leader skills which are an essential part and this will demonstrate your team player skills to the potential employer. If you have never associated with any sport then find an alternative that can show your teamwork such as volunteering social cause or an NGO etc.
  • When writing your CV do tell your interviewer about your adaptability quality according to the variety of environments and circumstances.
  • Highlighting hobbies and interests in CV in bullet points is not enough you should elaborate each one of them;  mention what you like and why you like it. Present them in a way something that speaks deeper about your character. Write a description which is relevant to the profile you have applied for.For e.g. If you are applying for the position of social media manager, then do tell your employer that you love to communicate/interact with audience and new people and how your quality will help them to promote their brand.

        Things to avoid in hobbies and interests section –

  • Do not lie about your hobbies and interest, because you might get trapped into questions. Be what you are and write what is right.
  • Highlight maximum 8 hobbies not more than that, by increasing number and space will portray your image as inexperienced individual. Always remember quality is more important than quantity.
  • Never write repetitive hobbies in every resume you submit to different employers , if you write about something that is not relevant to the job role you are applying then this will give the message to an interviewer that you do not care enough about the position.
  • Avoid writing generic hobbies like singing, dancing, listening to music, if it’s not related to the job offer then don’t mention it.