Are you ready for the HR round?

by Evolutyz Corp on February 11, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Congratulations after clearing 2-3 rounds of Job Interview finally you have reached to the HR round most important and crucial around which will decide whether you are in or out. So are you ready to face the challenge? If you are still not prepared and don’t know how to start answering questions in HR round then Evolutyz Corp’s tips are here to help you getting through it. We have listed down few questions which are commonly asked by HR along with some tips.

Tell me about yourself?

This question is asked almost in all job interviews, but not everyone comes up with correct answer. Here you need to start with your work experience and education, not with your life history or personal life.

Why should we hire you?

This is very obvious  you would like to answer that you are the best fit for the company, but this is what HR doesn’t want to hear from you. Start with your talent, skills, and accomplishments according to the Job Profile along with this you can share your work experience when your work had been appreciated by your former employers.

What is the best part to work in a company?

You can answer this question by saying that team spirit and individual contribution are two things which you find the best in a company; moreover this helps you to learn and getting the right experience.

For you what is important work or money?

You may answer this question by saying that good quality of work that can enhance your knowledge and skills is very important to you but for leading a stable life money equally matters and you feel good and motivated when your dedication and hard work get rewarded.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

You can start with thanking your current employer; that you got a great chance to learn a lot from the company which helped you to enhance your skills and knowledge then you can add that you want to learn more and grow in your career and showcase your talent in the most optimum way.

Why do you want to join our company?

Here prior company research will help you to answer the question in a better way, you can start with company’s mission and vision, and how enthusiastic you are to be a part of this company , and the job profile which company has offered is something which you would like to step into . Your passion and enthusiasm for the work is going to be the key here.

Why did you frequently switch your previous jobs?

HR asks such tricky questions just to check if you are a Job hopper, here you have to answer positively with describing your jobs as a part of your career goal. Always remember never blame your previous employers even though if you have gone through a bad experience.

Tell me the situation when your work was criticized?

You may answer this question by saying that criticism and critics are the key to success, and whenever you were criticized in your work you took it positively and came up with the best. Criticism is something which helps you to improve and work with perfection.

May I contact your current employer for the reference?

HR may ask this question just to see how you react in such situation, so do not get panic better to stay calm and answer with a cheerful smile that you are absolutely fine if he/she contacts your current employer but it would be better if they does once you are selected moreover you are also sure that present employer will give positive feedback about you.

Are you applying for other Jobs as well?

Tell the truth, as they know that you would be looking for some other jobs too, so do not hide anything, answer with honesty that you are looking for best opportunities which you have targeted as your career plan. Do not talk a lot on this topic; try to divert their attention to some other.

Important Interview Tips

Reach to the Interview venue on time

Dress up professionally

Carry important documents with you

Talk clearly and softly

Sit properly and stay calm