Get through a successful video job Interview

by Evolutyz Corp on February 7, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Video Interviews have become common these days, as hiring becomes more global. Interview through video is the most cost effective, it has several advantages. For recruiters and hiring managers it is the easiest way to conduct first round quickly.

Video Interview is for all levels from freshers to experienced professionals, for many employers and recruiters it is the next step in online recruitment.

For Successful Video Interview –

Video Interview is not different from an in-person Interview, so prepare for Video Interview as you would other Job Interview.

Send your portfolio in Advance

This is very important to send resume / portfolio any material which a recruiter needs in advance.

Reach the venue on time

If your video interview is conducted in company office, then make sure that you will arrive early so that you could easily get comfortable with the environment.

Ask for Assistance

If you are not familiar with the equipments so it is always better to take someone’s assistance.

Choose right Attires

Even in video Interview you have to look professional, so dress up accordingly.

Keep the distracting elements away

Make sure the table must be neat and clean, in video interview high frequency microphones are used so don’t tap your pen or shuffle papers.

Make an eye contact

Don’t keep your eyes off the Interviewer, make an eye contact, its good if you use picture-in-picture feature so that you could see how you are appearing infront of the Interviewer.

Interview questions

Video Job Interview is no different from In person Interview , here you can prepare the answers of commonly asked questions in-person interview i.e Tell something about yourself, experience, accomplishments, strength and weakness, why you want to be a part of this company and so on.

The purpose of conducting video Interview is the same the objective is to screen the right candidate for employment.