How to perform well in campus recruitment

by Evolutyz Corp on February 13, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Campus recruitment is a competitive placement program conducted within the educational institutes and which is equally important for both companies and candidates. Where companies come to find the best workforce, on the other hand it is a life time opportunity for every deserving candidate. Cracking a campus Interview is not a child’s play. All it requires your hardwork , talent , focus, Intelligence and Goal to get through the each level. Today we are sharing some useful and important tips which will help you to clear your campus placement Interview.

Aptitude Test Preparation:-

After shortlisting candidates based on their academic score, aptitude test is conducted, it can be of two formats paper or computer which varies from company to company. Aptitude test has following parameters which normally include –

1. Quantitative Ability

2. Data Interpretation

3. Verbal skills & Reading Comprehension

4. Logical Reasoning

5. G.K.( General Knowledge) and Current affairs

To prepare for an aptitude test regular practice is mandatory, try to solve puzzles, read books, Google the content.

 Group Discussion

In group discussion you will be given a general topic in a group on which you have to speak and as well as come up with some valid points, facts and figure. For group discussion you can read news papers. Prepare a topic, and try to think about it in a broader way and jot down the points. This activity enhances your thinking ability. Form a small group and pick up any topic related to economy, current affairs, politics, business etc and discuss on it.

Technical Interview:-

In Technical Interview you will be asked questions related to your area of specialization. Grab as much as you can from books, Internet, faculties and friends. For technical Interview you have to sound knowledgeable. The motive behind this Interview is to judge how well informed you are in the specialized subject that you claim to be your favorite.

Personal / HR Interview 

This is the last level of the campus placement which decides whether you are in or out. Here you have to sell / market yourself by showcasing your ability, knowledge, skills, strength. In person /Hr Interview your communication skills also play a very important role. This doesn’t mean that you have to be good at certain languages i.e English, Hindi, German, French etc. But It means how well expressed you are. Your communication skills help recruiter to judge your personality trait. Companies look for people who are expressive and confident of what they think.  To improve your communication skills , the best way is to interact with people around you, express your thoughts. Be sociable , join some groups of your interest. These day to day activities will help you to improve your personality in a better way.