Why You Should Work with an IT Solutions Partner That Knows the Benefits of Team Building

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When you work with an IT solutions firm, your instinct might be to overlook that vendor’s behind-the-scenes culture, favoring the scope, timelines, and resources proposed in their statement of work. However, the inner workings of their company are more than a peripheral concern; they’re central to the success and sophistication of your IT project’s final deliverables.

One of the most underrated considerations when evaluating IT consulting firms is whether a potential partner takes team building seriously. If a vendor fails to create an environment where people feel engaged with their work and encourage their full creativity, you might miss out on the maximum potential ROI.

Your interests will be best served when you find a partner that prioritizes culture and robust team connections. Here are a few of the benefits of team building for your IT consultants and what the Evolutyz team does to build team morale.

How Your Vendor’s Team Building Impacts You

Without proper employee engagement, it’s common for IT consultants to feel detached from client business culture. Every day, they are entrenched in providing fixes and adapting technology to the project’s specific challenges and needs. Yet, despite that, many are kept at arm’s length, part of the achievement but not part of the recognition. As a result, organizations get a fraction of the possible outcomes.

When IT contractors are engaged, they deliver more significant results from the groundwork up, especially in the following ways:

  • Boosted Creativity – Employees who are disconnected or disengaged from their workplace culture are less inclined to shift their perspective, solve problems, or have some fun with their work. All of these qualities are essential to moving beyond perfunctory results into the exceptional territory.IT consultants are no different. When they feel part of a team, they’re willing to loosen up and use their creative side to decipher the best fix for every challenge. In our experience, team building does wonders for truly outside-the-box ideation.
  • Greater Cohesion – As your team strives to deliver the right technical solution, several experts need to move and produce in tandem – even if their work does not involve a great deal of crossover. For this necessary cohesion to exist, you need IT consultants who are motivated and dedicated to your culture, even when projects hit a rough patch.When an outsourced partner emphasizes team building, IT consultants feel a greater connection to their coworkers and desire to hold up their end of the bargain. As a result, they maintain their faithfulness to the timelines laid out during the project’s outset.
  • Increased Collaboration – No road is without its potholes, and no project is without some challenges along the way. In those moments, the benefits of team building shine through. When IT consultants feel connected to their coworkers, they’re less likely to keep their own counsel and soldier through issues alone. Instead, they’ll bring their ideas to their peers, work out the kinks in their fixes, and generate superior results in the long run.

Better yet, organizations that engage the right IT consulting partner can tap into the advantages of a positive consultant work atmosphere without extensive onboarding measures or relentless consultant management on their part.

What Evolutyz Does to Enhance Team Morale

Since our beginning, Evolutyz has prioritized innovation and recognized that true innovation could not happen without a team of engaged and collaborative people. We’ve worked hard to build a culture that corresponds with that goal, which can make team morale and contribute to the wellbeing of our IT consultants.

Every month is a different activity and experience for our team. Last month, when temperatures rose across India and North America, we put together an event to help our people stay cool and calm. We encouraged our team members to create their mocktails, give each drink a name, and provide a brief explanation. Then, each team had a separate call, pitching their drink ideas, participating in a few rounds of trivia, and socializing. This provided a much-needed break, encouraging our people to come back to the problems at hand with a fresh mind and level head.

Since we initiate events every month, we can cultivate ongoing excitement among our team members. Even shy people look forward to being on camera and spending time with their coworkers. We regularly keep track of mental health, self-building, and team-building strategies to organize activities that garner the best results. If an event doesn’t have the desired impact, we pivot and spend our time on activities that cultivate the culture we want.

How does it all pay off? Our employees have expressed genuine appreciation for the fun activities and break from the routine on an anecdotal level.

“I enjoyed participating in the event. I felt so good to see my coworkers on one screen and had a good time. The monthly events allow everyone to share their ideas and creativity. It’s admirable how Evolutyz always cares for their employees, making them happy by conducting monthly events and showing appreciation for employee gifts. Now I am just eagerly waiting for the next event.”

Moreover, Evolutyz has won recognition on the 2021 Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces list, receiving a score of 96 out of 100 and a benefits score ranking 70% higher than the average business in our category.

Our company has received recognition as one of the Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies three times, showing that we have created a culture that delivers meaningful results to our clients. Though it might not be at the top of your list of considerations, the benefits of team building within your IT solutions company’s culture are paramount. Next time you want to unlock the power of innovation, be sure that your partner thinks of their people as much as they do of their technology.

Want to work with an IT solutions partner that believes in the benefits of team building as much as you do? Partner with Evolutyz to harness IT experts who can achieve greater creativity and ingenuity on your projects.


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