Create A Powerful Corporate PowerPoint Presentation

by Evolutyz Corp on April 15, 2014 in Generic


Your business is all about selling, whether they are products, services or any concept.  The first thing that grows your business is your company’s presentation.  And when it comes to creating a PowerPoint presentation then it takes a lot of efforts and creativity to come up with the best one.  So here come techniques to create corporate PowerPoint presentation.

Create structure on paper

Before starting your presentation, create the concept and structure on paper. Think about your target audience, their expectations, and how you can grab their attention, what can make your presentation more interesting, think about the visuals and how you will start and end the presentation. And once you are done with the structuring part then you can easily create an effective presentation.

Choose fonts and colors wisely

Selection of right fonts and colors is mandatory part of presentation, and when you do that try not to choose fonts and colors that are difficult to see or understand. Avoid bright light colors and italic or fancy fonts for example (company’s presentation))   Are these font and color easy to read? Absolutely not, therefore use such fonts and colors that can be understood clearly and give no more pain to the eyes.

Use more visuals than text slide

If you want your audience to take interest in your presentation then, do not use all text slides. By putting visuals (Photo, Charts and Graphs) in slides will make your presentation more impressive and grab the focus of your audience.

Avoid distracting background

The Important thing that you need to remember is not to use background that can over power your fonts and colors. Use simple standard background structure and keep it in all the slides.

Avoid excessive use of animation and transition

Too much of everything is always harmful, excessive transition and animation can distract your audience. Therefore keep your animation consistent in every slide, use animation scheme and apply the same transition in each slide of your presentation.

Make your presentation short

Limit the number of slides in your presentation. This ensures your audience that your presentation will not run for long time. Spending 1 minute per slide will be right and more than enough.

Avoid the maximum use of punctuation and All Capital Letters

Use of too much punctuation creates mess in slides similarly all capital letters make the statement of SHOUTING at your audience.

Your presentation must run on every computer 

When burning the CD use PPT (2003-2007) Package for CD and (2000-before) for pack and go feature as well as add Microsoft’s PowerPoint Viewer in the CD, in case computers that don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint installed .