Quick Tips To Write An Effective Business Email

by Evolutyz Corp on April 11, 2014 in Generic


E-mail is the most common form of written communication in business world, especially when you are pitching a potential client. It’s a challenge to write an impressive business email because your writing skills decide the response of prospective buyer. Follow these simple rules to get your emails noticed and acted upon.

For an effective Business Email 

Keep it short

When you write an e-mail then focus towards the matter not its length, less is more. Your content must be to the point, rich and impressive.

Make Subject clear and easy to read

Your subject line must be easy to understand to the recipient, so that he gets an idea what e-mail is about.

Make it personal

Mention the recipient’s name in the e-mail and if you want to make it personal then mention your name as well.

Don’t use All UPPER CASE or lowercase

Avoid using all UPPERCASE (no shouting) or lowercase letters, use where it is required.

Don’t begin your message with a vague way

When writing an e-mail then always specify what you are writing about don’t start your message with “This” or “As”.

Check the grammar

Proof read your e-mail before sending it to the recipient, check there must be no spelling or grammatical mistakes in the entire content.

Express your politeness

Don’t forget to say Thank you and please. Your e-mail must show politeness and gratefulness towards the recipient.

Write e-mail in plain text instead of Html

Always send your e-mail in plain text it might not look prettier but it will be easy to read and less distracting.

Add signature

Add signature block with appropriate information i.e. your name, phone number, fax number, company’s website or logo. Your signature must be clean and simple. To make it more stand out you can also add famous one liner quote below.

Points To Remember

Keep CC and Bcc to minimum, to get instant reply

Reply the mail as quickly as possible.

If mail is cc and Bcc to multiple recipients then reply all of them

Keep previous message in the body of the message and your response at the top