Get Connected To Potential Leads Through Webinar

by Evolutyz Corp on April 18, 2014 in Generic


Nowadays webinar has become very powerful source to convey about services and products worldwide not only this; even big personalities get connected to the world through webinars. There was a time when many companies used to spend huge amount of money for conducting seminars. Though seminar is another way to generate leads but it has drawbacks too. Firstly seminar is time consuming event; moreover it only connects you to the local audience last but not the least you need to spend massive money on a single seminar.

On the other hand if we talk about webinar then it is the quickest and smarter ways to communicate potential consumers online. Webinar is the most cost effective tool that allows companies to promote their product or services directly to target audience, all it requires expertise on the particular subject/topic and set up to run the webinar. If you want to conduct webinar, then few best practices will surely help you –

  • Choose a topic related to your product or services, for example- If you are an IT company then you can talk about ERP and its benefits, Apps and its importance etc. If you run online marketing company then discuss about ways to promote business online, social media optimization, and search engine optimization. Always remember when conducting webinar never talk about your company because audience may not be interested knowing your organization, therefore it is important to choose such topic that could make people participate in your webinar.
  • Send Notifications to your audience; make sure your newsletters and emails are optimized to avoid spam traps,  this is mandatory to grow mailing list.  You can attract large number of participants via e-mailers.
  • Set an automatic reminder to gather maximum attendees. Automatic reminder and follow-ups are true ways to increase webinar participants.
  • Use question answer feedback option this gives value in market research. Try to answer every question that comes to you. Pay attention to the questions that attendees ask. If the same question arrives often then try to incorporate it in future marketing material. Even if you fail to generate a lot of leads through webinar, it can help you in market research.

Webinar works best when you have exceptional expertise, good marketing sense and wide mailing list.