Techniques To Clear Psychometric Test

by Evolutyz Corp on April 22, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Psychometric test is the next step towards a recruitment process. Mostly big organizations conduct psychometric test  to select right candidate for the job profile. Though it is a crucial round of an interview but prior preparation can help to get through a psychometric test successfully.

  • Psychometric test is conducted not to dismiss you but to choose the better and efficient candidate for a job profile. Understand that there are many applicants for a job and employer is looking to identify the best suitable candidate for the role.
  • It can be given on pen and paper or on a computer or on both.
  • Psychometric test can be conducted in work place or potential business premises just to check your ability to adjust in their work environment.
  • Dress up properly because you will be competing with other candidates too, therefore make the first impression.
  • Bring anything and everything that you are asked to bring including gym or casual attires.
  • Keep the right attitude, by over thinking and analysis may give you sleepless night, therefore you need to think positive and be optimistic. Sleep well and be ready to take the challenge.
  • Those who have never experienced  psychometric test before can clear it through practice. If there is a possibility then ask the former employer for sample questions, this will give you a chance to prepare well. Search websites and download  e-books pdf to practice. Focus on the area of your weakness; don’t spend a lot of time in which you are good at. Work on your weakness not strength. Only practice can be effective so face the challenge and force yourself to work in something that seems impossible to you.
  • Psychometric test has time limit, therefore practice against the clock try to solve as many as questions in short duration, this will help you to work under pressure in a better way.
  • Solve puzzles, give IQ test on websites, take part in online surveys, play brain games like Sudoku, all these activities will increase your mathematics, mental ability, reading and comprehension skills.
  • Work on your mathematical skills; solve problem i.e fraction, decimal, multiplication, ratios and numerical relationships.
  • Take your own test and set the timer this will definitely help you to judge yourself in a better way and give you an opportunity to work on your weaker area.
  • Even if you do not get through the psychometric test, ask for the feedback this will give you an insight about your performance and area in which you need to focus and work.