Important Considerations When Doing An Internship

by Evolutyz Corp on April 4, 2014 in Generic


Internship plays a vital role in our career. It enhances knowledge, skills and as well as experience. Internship is a gateway to explore and experience the real corporate world which is an add-on to the curriculum vitae.  In addition to this, the best part of doing an internship is that you get an opportunity to learn as much as you can. But it is equally important to be aware of the company and its work culture before getting into an internship program. Here are following considerations which will guide you to choose the right company to work with.

Company Authenticity

In few cases students do not search about organization for internship, just to get relevant experience they directly apply and start working with them. Don’t do such mistake because Internship experience is something you mention in your resume. Check whether the company is legally registered or not. Its not just about an intern-program, it is a matter of your career. Because when you apply for a Job prospective employer might inquire about the company from where you have done your internship. Your Job assurance also depends on it.

Know the Stages of selection process

Every company has different selection criteria, some recruit on the basis of cover letter and resume only, on the other hand interview is mandatory process of internship program in some companies. The ideal internship recruitment process includes following stages –

·         CV shortlisting 
·         Email Notification
·         Telephonic Interview / Video Interview (For distant / online Internship)
·         Personal Interview

If you are applying for an online internship then above 3 mentioned stages can be a part of recruitment process.

Know the mode of internship

Not all internships are paid one; they can be unpaid as well. Before joining the company, confirm the internship type.

Understand your role

This is very important to understand your role or profile in the company. The motive behind an internship is to gain optimum experience and experience comes from learning. Make sure you will get chance to learn from seniors. And when you come out of the organization then there must be some new skills added in your resume. Apart from your contribution there should be someone to guide you and teach you new things. During interview enquire this from recruiter.

Don’t miss the experience certificate

Your internship plays keyrole in your career, and without certificate internship will not be counted in your experience. Therefore this is your right to ask for the certificate from recruiter. Moreover apart from certificate some companies also reward appreciation letter to the best interns. Appreciation letter gives ten folds value to your resume.  If you get so then find yourself lucky.