Tips To Be A Successful Intern

by Evolutyz Corp on April 8, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


In our last post we discussed about important considerations when choosing a company for internship. Today our tips will help you to come up as the best intern during your internship.

Tips to be a successful intern:-

Keep a willing attitude:

Whenever you have an opportunity to work on new project, then always keep positive attitude to get it done successfully. Remember new projects will make you learn something new which is an add-on to your skills, even if the project is tiresome but do it willingly to earn best position in the organization.

Accept the challenges

If you want to learn then you must have to come out of the comfort zone and face the challenges that come across, meet your co-workers, find out the work they are doing. When you are given a project then try to finish it fast and accurately.

Raise your queries

If you have any doubt regarding project or something then it is always better to ask for clarification, make sure you know what needs to get done and when . If you are unsure then ask your seniors and co-workers.

Maintain a proper communication

Always get in touch with your team through follow up emails and tasks. Keep your manager informed about your current progress and task.  If you find any difficulty in your work then do let your team informed about it.

Don’t be afraid if you make mistake

As an intern this is very natural that you will make mistake, accept your failures and learn from it, keep the motivational spirit don’t let your failure over power you.

Keep Updated

Your work must be in your priority list, make sure that you don’t miss the deadlines. Ask your seniors or managers, “What is most important”. Then set up your own deadline and work accordingly to complete the task.

Add value to your team

This is very important for you to know your team expectations what is required to make the task / project better, figure this out. Add more attention towards the completion of project. Put extra efforts to lead the project successfully.

Be the center of attraction

Exchange good rapport with your co-workers and manager, smile, dress properly and perform outstandingly.

Grasp as much as you can

Soak yourself in all of the knowledge and new skills you are gaining, be a good listener pay attention to the discussion, and listen what your manager is teaching you. Observe everyone minutely; every time you will get an opportunity to learn something new so do not miss it by any chance. Add perfection in your work .