Mobile Apps – Great Tool For Business Growth

by Evolutyz Corp on April 1, 2014 in Generic


In this fast paced world, technology is playing tremendous role to make our life easier and comfortable. Let’s talk about recent invention of mobile devices smart phone, I-phone, I-pad, tablet and other amazing mobile gadgets that provide us hi-tech lifestyle. As we move ahead we are getting used to these mobile gadgets and the fact is we love smart phone, I-phone and tab not only because of their look but also for their truly exceptional apps.

Can we imagine hi-tech phone without an app? And the answer is absolutely not. Mobile device without app is like, our survival in the absence of air, water and food. Apps are something on which we are reliant just to get in touch with the world. And that is why application development companies are making massive money out of it. Take the recent example the most popular and simply stupendous app – WhatsApp has been sold to the facebook for $19billion. It’s not just only about WhatApp but there quite a lot of apps which are purchased on very high price.

 Applications allow user to have all information at their finger tip. Carrying laptop everywhere for a piece of news or info is very inconvenient. Therefore maximum businesses run on mobile devices and apps make it effortless. Enterprise generates leads from a single application. Prospective customers or buyers search for products and services online. No matter what your business nature is but if you are online reachable in addition to this you have downloadable app on multiple devices then this will boost your company’s sells. Moreover app will enable customer to see and open and make purchase directly from your business.

 -Some other biggest benefits of mobile apps for business are –

  •      Build trust
  •     Build brand
  •   Make your business sustainable
  •   Increase visibility
  •     Make your business reachable
  •   Connect you to the prospective leads/ buyers
  •   Speed up your sales

– Not only you will be benefited but your customers as well –

  •  They will have easy access to your inventory
  •   Able to get notifications of new launch, events, discount offers and so on.
  •   They will get access to your contact information in one touch.
  •    Can easily get direction to your location from where they are.
  •    Customers can make fast appointment scheduling.

Most importantly the read rate of promotional email messages is near about 4% where push notification has 97% read rate.  Costumers’ engagement and exponential growth of your company depends on your ability to get your business connected on the mobile device and that will also help you to reach world wide.