Make Your Linkedin Profile Standout For Job Search

by Evolutyz Corp on May 2, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


LinkedIn is the top professional networking site and for job seekers its tools help to find better opportunities and connect them to prospective employers. Content plays a key role in linkedin profile , that works as resume and make employer or recruiter to shortlist right candidate for job interview. Here are some tips for creating linkedin profile to make it standout.

  • After creating profile it is important for you to upload professional photo, your photo must be your own, as it is generally found that people do not use their original photographs in social networking sites i.e twitter, facebook, pinterest etc. But when creating linkedin profile make sure that you upload your picture rather keeping pictures of actress, actor, and model or cartoon character. Linkedin is professional network therefore act accordingly.
  •  Highlight your experience in professional summary section, write it to the point, and select an industry to make your profile searchable for the recruiters.
  •    Pick up keyskills and keywords from your resume to show your profile in search results.
  •    Put your contact details in the section to make recruiter reach you fast and easily.
  • Mention your valid links in the link section, i.e company website/ blog, personal website/blog, twitter   profile   etc. This section is a great way to provide more information about you to the prospective employer.
  • Make your profile publically visible customize your linkedin profile url that will help you to share the link easily for e.g
  • Create linkedin signature in your mail for maximum reach of your profile.
  • Whenever you switch to other company then do not forget to update it in your linkedin profile.
  •  Share valuable content and update your status regularly this will make your profile more impressive.
  •  Ask for recommendation from those with whom you share good rapport i.e Boss, colleagues, HR, manager. Linkedin recommendation is a advance reference for potential employer
  • Try to connect members and grow your professional network. By connecting people you will meet with new job opportunities.