Tips For Writing Thank You Note After Job Interview

by Evolutyz Corp on April 29, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Writing a thank you note is important after your job interview, this shows your kind gesture towards the interviewer. It is always important to pay thanks to everyone who assisted you during the interview. Here are some tips to write the best thank you note.

  • Send your thank you note as soon as possible within 24hour after the job interview. Either via email or call do not forget to pay thanks to the interviewer.
  • Apart from Interviewer Pay thanks to everyone who assists you in the job search whether its recruiter, or one who refers you the job.  This will help you to build good relation with people in future.
  • Thank you note is equally important as your cv and cover letter. By sending thank you note you have chances to make good impression in front of the interviewer. Make your note stand out.
  • If you have forgotten to mentioned something that you wished to during your  interview, then you can include in your thank you note. Share your experience and thing you liked the most during your Job interview.
  • Thank you note can be typed or handwritten or sent via mail. Your note should include your interest in the job, qualification and skills and last but not the least thank you.
  • Keep your note short, simple , sweet as well as to the point do not make it stuffy , add what is important i.e your interest in the job,  your enthusiasm for the company, how your contribution help company to reach to  the next level.
  • Take some time before sending your thank you note, edit it well and proof read it check there must be no grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.