When Choosing A Recruitment Company (Part 2)

by Evolutyz Corp on March 28, 2014 in Generic


In our last post we talked about techniques to find best recruitment company for Industry. Today we will move further with the same topic and help Job seekers to find best recruitment agency for better opportunities.

Know your objective as a Job Seeker

The first step towards finding a recruitment company is to set your Job objective, whether you want part time or full time Job, temporary or permanent Job. If you are clear about your professional needs then this will help you more to find the best hiring firm.

Search for recruitment firms

Social media and professional networks are great ways to search  staffing firm; you can ask your friends or post your query in Linkedin group, facebook community and group. Being a part of such networks gives you humongous updates. Besides search engines, Yahoo Answers, Forum and Job Portals are exceptional sources to find employment company.

Approach several staffing agencies

Try to get in touch with as many as recruitment companies you can whether you are a registered job seeker  of their portal  or not , by contacting them you can get an idea of their communication level with you , current openings , pay structure etc.

Meet local recruiters personally, in this way you can exchange many things with the consultants about your Job objectives, expected package and so on. In addition to this they will also make you aware of their services.

Recruiter must be familiar with your specialized skills for example if the search is regarding software engineering firm then recruiter must know the programming / Technical terms and tools to promote you to a prospective employer .

Explore recruitment company’s offerings

There are quite a few agencies that offer free software and Interview training. Therefore before registering to any employment agency find out if they offer you such services.

Inquire about your employment type

If you hope to turn your Job into temporary to permanent in a company then ask agency about the future possibilities and your growth rate in this regard. Recruitment agency with such offerings of temporary to permanent placements is likely doing tremendous job by matching people to the jobs.