Warning Signs To Know Scam Job Offers

by Evolutyz Corp on April 25, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Due to unemployment candidates generally get trapped into scam job offers, which lead them into trouble. Job seekers become vulnerable target to scammers. Therefore it is better to be alert before taking an opportunity. Your Research is the best defense through which you can report against internet scam job offers.  Here are some tip-offs that the ‘job’ is fake.

You didn’t approach them, they approached you

If you receive a mail stating that, you are a shortlisted candidate for so and so profile and they want to interview you. Then be alert this can be the sign of scam job offer. In maximum cases scammers directly give you job offers by sending fake offer letter just to make you believe.

Offer you high salary

Sometimes scammers offer high salary, as well as incentives to lure job seeker. More over to grab more attention they give work from home opportunity. Work hours 9AM- 4PM Monday – Friday $45/ hour. They also create fake testimonials with few photographs to show it real.

Ask for personal details

Always remember no company initially asks for the very personal details i.e Mailing Address, Bank account no. etc. If you receive such mails then don’t respond them.

 High Management Contacts You

Every company has recruitment team, either Human resource or Manager Contacts candidate not Ceo or Director of the company.

Spam sign in mail

In most of the cases whenever you receive such spam mails gmail mark it as This message may not have been sent by:  Learn more  Report phishing . Check if you get the similar alert like this.

Interview via Yahoo Messenger

To show the authenticity they instantly ask you to appear for their online interview through Yahoo Instant Messenger as Yahoo IM is very popular with scammers. If it happens the same with you then research the company online before agreeing to the interview. If you find it real then only go for it. Don’t share your confidential details i. Bank account, credit card no. etc.

Ask you to pay in advance

Ideally companies do not ask for money even if its about distant interview, company bear all the expenditure of candidate. Don’t get trapped into fulfilling their requirement just to get a job. Do not entertain such mails if they ask you for money.

Point to remember

Research the company before moving further, see their company website, if it’s a new start up then Google the company’s detail in yellow pages, LinkedIn, facebook , twitter and other directories . If you don’t find any information then it can be a sign of scam job offer.