Write an impressive cover letter

by Evolutyz Corp on February 28, 2014 in Consultant, Generic


Covering letter is a key part of job application to the prospective employer. It is equally important as your cv is.  An impressive cover letter can open the door to a job interview. Many candidates directly send their CV to the employer as they fail to write one. But it actually adds value to the application. Craft your cover letter in such a way that it could stand out from the pack. Following steps will help you to draft a perfect cover letter.

Address or don’t

If you are not aware of the name of the recruiter/employer then you can address “Dear Hiring Manager “or Whom So Ever It May Concern”. If you absolutely don’t know who you should be addressing then don’t mention anyone, directly jump right into the body of the cover letter

Don’t write as your CV format

It  must be different from your resume that adds value.  Many candidates write it in a paragraph form of a resume and use the repetitive headings and lines as they do in their CV. The purpose of writing a cover letter is to showcase your personality, curiosity and interest in the job you are applying to work in.  All you need to add something juicy matter to make it stand out.

Keep it short-  

It must not go beyond one page, keep it short and highlight what is important.

Avoid using following phrase

My name is_________ , I am applying for the position _______ , as employer already knows your details and by mentioning  this you will sound in experienced.

Add creative lines

Write your cover letter by sprinkling some creative and unique lines as employer looks for a candidate who can think out of the box. You can definitely land an interview call if you show creative line of thought in your letter.

Close it with strong lines

Finish it off by mentioning why you are fit for the Job and how your experience and knowledge will help you to uplift the company.

Sign the cover letter

In the digital age this may sound bit old fashioned but if you sign your cover letter then it will be a strong signal of your authenticity.

Proof read

Go through it and make sure there are no spelling errors.

Convert it in a PDF

Not necessary that every office computer can read .docx/.doc/.pages file but pdf file can be opened and read easily. Therefore it is always better to send cover letter in pdf .